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Game asks to activate every time I launch it

posted by Olaus Petrus on - last edited - Viewed by 787 users

I uninstalled The Walking Dead (kept my previous saves, because I have finished 400 Days save and I want my choices to carry to Season 2) and then reinstalled it. Now the game asks me to log in with my TTG forum account to activate it every time I launch it. This is somewhat annoying, so I'm asking is there anyway to fix this? Another reinstall didn't fix it.

  • Hmm, it seems that the problem isn't just limited to The Walking Dead. Apparently The Wolf Among Us is having similar issues (and I haven't done any reinstalling with that). Last week it worked without any issues, but now it's either it's not connecting to Telltale Servers and when it manages to do that it asks to activate the game before allowing me to play.

  • The problems continues. I tried deleting launcher's reg key, but it didn't do anything. A also tested my Internet connection with the ISP's bandwith speed test and got good speed. I can't figure out what's wrong, I haven't changed anything with my computer or connection since last week, when things worked normally.

    I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    DjNDB Moderator

    That's a known issue I reported recently and TTG is investigating it.
    Part of the problem is that TWAU and TWD are using the same registry key, but expect different values. By activating TWD it overwrites the key for TWAU. The other problem is that TWD deletes its key on every start.

    There's not much we can do but wait until it is patched.
    There's really no good workaround:
    You can prevent the issue with TWAU, by playing TWD on a different windows user account. Also you can prevent TWD from deactivating, by preventing it from connecting to TTG's servers.
    I am not sure if that workaround is worth the trouble though.

  • how much time it takes in fixing this known issue??

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    It took about a week to get this fixed with a server side update.

    • I'm glad to see that things work again. :)

      Hopefully it's a permanent solution and release of TWD: Season 2 won't create the same situation all over again. ;)

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