Thoughts on the off-hook payphone?

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At first it didn't draw my attention, but upon further inspection I realized a theory on that could give us a little bit more insight on what the Ginger Guy is about. Right at the beginning of the first episode, when get dropped off by a taxi, close to apartment where both Mr. Toad and the Woodsman reside in, you can see that the Ginger Guy is apparently walking the opposite way of the apartment's entrance. Once you get to enter it, you face the payphone's phone off the hook. So, could the Ginger Guy be some kind of hired stalker, tasked to report Faith's steps throughout Fabletown, which hurriedly left upon your arrival? What are you folks thoughts upon this idea?


    1. It could be a device to get the character familiar with how to interact with objects.
    2. That could have been the payphone Toad used to call Bigby ( if you notice in toad's apartment you don't see a phone)
    3. what about that book of matches?
  • The book of matches was used to show that Woodsman frequented Trip Trap. In the Bar scene, Bigby will compare the matchbooks before Woodsman comes out to confirm his hunch that he was being misled about the Woodsman not being there.

  • It caught my attention that they made the payphone an intractable device, but I haven’t equated it to anything in particular as of yet.

    •  The red headed man does not appear to be in any hurry leaving the scene, which makes me doubt he failed to hang up the phone.  
    •  Faith could have made a call prior to entering Woody’s home leaving her employer on hold.  

    With the lack of any supporting evidence I think it is likely the telephone is only an added bit of atmosphere, similar to the suit of armor found in the lobby or Bigby’s mailbox.

    If it is true and there is no additional significance to the telephone I wish Faith hadn’t been lazy and instead hung up the phone prior to entering the woodsman’s apartment, the noise was irritating.

  • I think there is a chance to check the payphone again, while you're in Woody's apartment, during day. Did any player try?

  • I don't believe there is a chance - when I searched this apartment then, as soon as I went to the door to leave I was immediately prompted to go downstairs to see Mr. Toad.

  • No? I can't play the game but I've noticed the circle near the payphone.

    Alt text

    My idea was to click on it and do not approach the door. Thanks for investigating.

  • The circle is pointing towards the exit in general, not the payphone. When you click there, it starts the sequence where he goes down the stairs. You also can't go up the stairs after the animation. I tried

  • Ok, last question. What the door icon is for? Bigby says something about it?

    Alt text

  • I would assume (Keyword Assume) that he merely comments on how he busted the door open to get in.

  • Not even that. Clicking the door icon makes him go through the door and start the animation. Same exact thing if you just walked up to it.

  • I think the off the hook phone was very much similar to the cup of water, in episode 1 TWD.

  • I'm pretty sure that your #1 is absolutely correct.

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