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Snow White was threatened!

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This is just my opinion, but I could see how Mrs. White hid an envelope from Lawrence apartment and she deliberately placed the envelope on the fur coat at Toad's apartment. Perhaps a clue for us to find the suspect that probably threatened her. Anyone else noticed that?

    • This is the evidence I've found so far in no particular order...

      1. Sometime after midnight... What is Beauty, Snow, the Ginger and Colin doing outside that late?
        In my theory, the Ginger act as the witness, Beauty gets the message and get scared, The Woodsman
        was in his apartment and Faith is working her regular schedule.Snow and Colin killed Faith!

      2. Regarding the envelope found on the fur coat at Toad's apartment,
        I stick with the presumption that Snow deliberately placed the envelope on the coat.

      3. After fighting The Woodsman, Faith told Bigby that is a little late for an office visit.
        She prefers to go to his apartment. Faith created the situation at Woody's apartment to attract Bigby.
        The first part of Faith's plan worked as expected.The second part is to persuade Bigby to let her enter his apartment.

      4. You need a spy, to discover those involved in the plan. The Ginger and/or Colin seems logic to me. But the Ginger
        may have his own personal reasons to do it while Colin is probably being rewarded from helping in the investigation.
        But what plan? And who is capable to unmask the plan? The plan at this point is to kill Bigby.
        The only trustful source Bigby has and probably know what is going on, is... Snow. Which in turn depends on the confidence
        of Bufkin.

      5. As stated in point 4, Snow and Bufkin are the ones who actually works in the same office as Crane. They know
        everything about Faith and they probably suspect of a internal vicious plan to kill Bigby. But they are not allowed
        to talk about the participation of Faith in the plan. Otherwise they are going to kill them both.

      6. When Bigby asked Faith "What's her name" and "Who do you work for" She tried to change the subject and because
        she has her "lips sealed" she raised suspicion and in an attempt to dissuade Bigby, she showed him the ribbon to
        diminish the suspicion. "These lips are sealed" a magical spell that only a powerful and wealthy person can use on
        Faith and the Mirror. And because the Mirror is haunted by the spell by this wealthy person, it is obvious that the
        person using these magical spells is the head of the organization that is trying to kill Bigby. Also in the books
        of symbols you can find a magical word next to a donkey. Faith was known as Donkeyskin, and the word "Bricklebit"
        means to "make animal shit gold" the same expression that Faith told Bigby and she said "I don't use that term
        lightly". At this point she'll probably be rewarded if she kills Bigby. Someone is using her against Bigby.

      7. Colin is collaborating with Snow to protect Bigby. When Bigby arrived at his apartment Colin wanted to ensure Bigby
        talked to Faith by asking him if he was nice to someone that night. Bigby said he does not remember, referring to Faith.
        The Pig says Awesome! great example. Because he's aware of the magical spell on Faith.
        After Bigby fall asleep the Pig notified Snow that Bigby indeed meet Faith that night.

      8. The Pig will "PROBABLY" allow Bigby to sleep is he gives him a drink. He said probably because is Snow who is going to
        wake him up after Faith gets killed and decapitated. The placement of the head was made by Snow who made it carefully to
        avoid splashing the blood on her. Colin will hide the body. The mess at the fence and the blood trail was made by non other
        but the Pig. I would not be surprised if I see Colin hobble along in the next episode.

      9. In the head scene, Snow first question is "Do you know this girl?" With a shaky voice... Is.. she's not a Mundy Right?
        by the end of that scene Snow seems in a hurry to accuse someone and leave the area as soon as possible.
        At this point she says she don't know who was she but when they were about to leave she says that she is sure that girl
        is on the Book of Fables. Bigby just said she was a prostitute but he does not know her name and Snow started to act like
        she indeed know her very well... Snow just want to accuse someone.

      10. When you ask Bufkin about the symbol you were looking for, he says Allelauriah... Donkeyskin. And Snow exclaimed -Yes!
        but before that she was acting like she does not knew who she was. And she asked Bufkin very obsessed -What's her husband's
        name?... She responded to Bigby "We got what we came for" Snow does not want to accuse The Woodsman because it would not be
        fair. She wants Bigby to think Prince Lawrence is the culprit. If you disagree with her, and after seen Lawrence is almost
        dead, she ask you again who do you think is the killer... When arriving at Crane office he ask you if you have any suspect,
        any lead if you opt to say nothing Snow will put forth on her theory about Bluebeard. About the Lawrence shot in the chest.
        That probably was made by the pimp or someone the pimp sent to collect the money Faith owed. The death of Snow can be
        either a fake death to clean herself because she knows there is an inside job at the business offices and she wants to leave.
        If is an actual death... I will get more confused that I'm right now. And judging by the placement of Snow's head...
        that one was not placed carefully.

      I'm glad this game is made. It is awesome! If I'm wrong with my theory I will feel a bit crazy but still loving the game.
      Well done Telltalegames!

      • You obviously are making a wild guess by playing a certain way and not the comics which is the biggest clue. I didn't see Colin wearing jeans, and Snow's jeans don't match. When entering the office one fable gets scared of Bigby and has jeans that match the jeans you find. You also can blame Bluebeard which infuriates Crane who ends up blaming you. Snow immediately takes Colin to the farm. Colin lets you sleep either way. Sorry this theory doesn't add up.

  • and i cant imagine that this fat pig can hopp over this fence just loosing a few drops of blood. he's so "huge", he would have cut his hole stomach open by trying to get over it, damn, that would be a huge mess if you ask me.

  • I'll say this about this game. It produces some interesting theories.

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