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I paid but got no game

posted by afgeno on - Viewed by 298 users

I also sent you guys an email but I'll repost it here so that it may catch your attention:


I think there is a bug in your website that resulted in me not getting the game I paid for.

I bought the game through the 'BUY NOW' link which prompted me to register and give my paypal details. The website directed me to the download page where I started the episode 1 download. Unfortunately my chrome browser chrashed during the download and could not resume the download anymore (im running a mac osx mountain lion). During this process I did not receive a login verification email from your website but I did receive a paypal payment confirmation e-mail.

So I tried to login back in the website in order to restart teh download and I was told that the email I used for registration was not actually registered so it asked me to re-register in the website. I did it and this time I received a verification email, but I found that the purchase I made was not available for re-download, apparently I have to buy the game again...

I checked my email account and apparently my paypal payment went through, the payment reference is the following:

Transaction ID: 8JX923966R997811X

Can this please be fixed and can my account be enabled to access the downloads?


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