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Do you think Kenny is alive?

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I heard something about the possibility of Kenny being alive in The Walking Dead 2. Telltale said his "fate will be explored", but not much else.

So, what do you think? Is he alive or dead?

  • Great Question...We never really find out if Kenny dies or not, and in season two we'll find out if he's still alive or dead, I honestly would want him to be alive as it would add that woah factor to the story, and have a character from the previous season. I also hear Clementine will be in season two also so questions will be answered.

  • I'm leaning towards a yes... I could be wrong.

  • I don't know, but a few of the situations seem to have a feeling of those from the comics. So he could have a tyreese moment, though I guess it's been a bit long for us to go back to get a "what took you so long?" (or whatever the exact words are) - unless the 400 days is in the future, and in season 2 we return to a time closer to where we left off :/

  • My view hasn't changed since the last month's thread about this same topic.

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    TheDuck BANNED

    The title of this topic alone is a major spoiler...

  • I hope not. It would feel cheap if Kenny was brought back, like he was "loopholed" back into the game. Will this topic never die??? LOL I guess not untill season 2 at least.

    • Well, TTG already announced that Kenny will be in Season 2, so he is coming back, but what we don't know is whether he survived or not.
      IMHO, he's dead. He's fate will be found when a couple of new characters roam around somewhere and find a walking dead Kenny. Or maybe they'll show a flashback scene of a bitten Kenny saving someone else's life while trying to escape Savannah. I don't know how the scene will unfold with Kenny, but basically I think Kenny will be playing a major role in the player's moral choice. Like a flashback will occur with a character, and his moral choice was to shoot Kenny or not leading to molding that character's personality. IDK.

  • Yes, I'm pretty sure he is.

    I mean, I REALLY don't want him to be, and judging by his circumstances he SHOULD have died, but Telltale have hinted that he is alive, so isn't that great.

    I hope at least this time he isn't with us throughout the entire story again.

  • As much as I loved Kenny, I feel it would damage the game's overall believability if he were brought back.

  • all they say is we will know his fate and that does not mean he is alive

    • Well I've said this many times, I think Kenny is alive because think about it, TTG said they would explore his fate but what would honestly be the point if he were dead? Show a corpse? A walker Kenny? Plus I see no reason why Clem would go back to Savannah when she and the other survivors are heading north. In almost any game, if you don't see a main character die then the chances are he/she are alive.

  • Kenny being alive and well in season 2 sounds way too good to be true, I was really surprised when they said S2 would explore his fate.

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