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Since fables are hard to kill... spoilers

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Could the fact that Faith and Snow were decapitated, (if they are actually dead,) be just because fables aren't easy to kill? I haven't read the comics yet so maybe im wrong, but I would think decapitation would be one of the easier ways to kill a fable. Perhaps HOW they died isn't as important as we may think it is? (Horseman theory) But judging by the 2nd episode title, "Smoke and mirrors," maybe they are still alive and someone just WANTS us to think they were decapitated...?

 I don't even know what to think any more, there's so many good theories right now.  
  • Here's the deal, Fables are indeed very hard to kill, but decapitation is pretty much certain death. They can survive being burned (if they are highly magical), drowned, shot through the brain, have all their ribs broken, etc. But decapitation means death.

    Now, even when a Fable gets decapitated, if they are well known enough, they come back. HOWEVER, when they come back they are essentially substituting the past person, they are not the same person with the same memories. Either they're born again or they're previous fables that are somehow turned into the past one.

    Comic book spoilers below that will heavily change your perspective on things

    Snow White didn't die in the comic, she's alive to this day, 134 issues in. Both Telltale and the author have confirmed its canon and a prequel to the series. So what this means is that she actually wasn't decapitated, most likely there's some magical spell keeping her alive despite having her head cut off (the ribbon is a good guess) or its a different head and glamour is involved in changing the appearance of it.

    • By your own logic, doesn't this aspect of Fables actually make it more likely that Snow is actually dead, given that the Snow of the comics is not the caring, idealistic, slightly naive Snow of Episode 1? Isn't it likely that that Snow is dead, and will eventually return as a more ruthless version of herself?

      • No, because there are multiple issues where Snow arcs back to her past days of Fabletown with Crane in the 1800's. A past she wouldn't remember if she were reborn anew.

        When Snow starts as a ruthless person in the beginning of the comics, she has been the acting mayor (the one that actually does the work) for about a decade or more, that can turn anyone into a crankier person, and its not like that cranky version lasts for long anyways.

        • I see. That makes sense, but it just leaves us with more questions than before.

          You seem to know what you're talking about, so I'll ask. If Bigby could find Snow's body, and reunite it with her head, would it be at all possible for this version of Snow to come back from that? Considering she's one of the most well-known Fables around?

          • Well, the closest we ever had to something like that in the actual comic was when the witch that got burned in the oven by Hansel and Gretel was burned into dust and eventually reformed herself with the help of the other people feeding her. But that was a highly magical and powerful witch, not Snow White (who knows nothing of magic)

            I don't think putting the head back on the body will return Snow to life. There is that possibility, as the comics never were clear on that. But logically speaking, Fables are very hard to kill, but when they die, they die. And there are few things as conclusive as a decapitated head.

            Personally, I think the glamour theory hiding the head's true identity is more likely. Or maybe some magical item that allows a person to live despite being decapitated. Like that ribbon from the stories.

  • Thanks for the input. But i've also heard that the game doesn't exactly represent what happens in the comics. If that's the case then what happens in the comics, could have little or no effect on what happens in the game. So in my opinion the story could still go in many different ways, one of them being what we said about the decapitated heads just being "smoke and mirrors." But then again since they are hard to kill, maybe decapitation was just an easy way to kill them without them surviving the attack. If anyone has any other theories about what's going on here, i'd love to hear them.

  • In the comics,Colin the pig was decapitated and he did not come back.The only reason why I don't believe in Snow's death is because she is alive in the comics and Telltale said that it was a prequel.And also remember when you ask the mirror about Faith's location,he can't show her to you,he doesn't know where she is.It could also be a spell used by the killer to hide the rest of her body but it could also mean that she is alive and kept somewhere.And due to the fact that powerful magic is involved,it might be just an illusion.It would be too easy to have them killed for real.

  • So - Mundy police are there at the scene.
    Isn't this going to put the whole community on blast and possibly even exclude Bigby from the rest of the investigation since he isn't recognized as a real cop?

    • I imagine it'll put a lot of pressure on the community, and with Snow gone Ichabod is going to be forced to try to run things himself. It's obvious Snow was picking up the slack in that regard, so you have a recipe for disaster there.

      From the looks of its preview image, Episode 3 seems to involve a Mundy policewoman, possibly a detective, homing in on Bigby. I imagine that Episode 3 will revolve around the Mundies and their potentially discovering Fabletown.

  • maybe the disappearances of Snow, Faith, and anyone else that ends up "dead," get pinned on Bigby when accused by "The boy who cried wolf." The accusation ends up making the town's people to believe that Bigby is the murderer, when they aren't actually dead. Bigby could then be cleared of the murders in episode 4, (Wolf in sheep's clothing.) This may enrage Bigby, into committing murders himself, and when he is caught by one of the fables, (maybe the boy who cried wolf again?) nobody believes him due to the previous accusation. (episode 5: Cry Wolf) The picture of episode 5 shows Bigby in wolf form with blood on his claws.
    Anyone think this theory is plausible?

  • I think Cinderella tells Bigby what really happened in episode 2 and why. Crane was charged with sexual harassment and fled before the comics. If you cut off Grendel's arm and read the Book of Fables you find out the reason Bigby doesn't remember Faith. Found it in Wikipedia "The Lad who went to the North Wind". Bigby tried so hard to forget his father that he forgot him.

  • The more popular Fables are harder to kill.

  • I think that They are going to do like a happy ending thing, hear me out! All fairy tales end with a happy ending and I'm sure this is one. there has to be trouble through the whole story but in the end I'm sure he will find something that can bring her back to life because these are fairy tale characters we are talking about. It sounds reasonable

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