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[Theory] Snow was getting close...

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Hi all. I was just thinking about a possible motive for the killer, and it got me to consider, "Why Snow?"

In Faith's case she was clearly involved in the conspiracy somehow, probably against her will. She was aware of the magic geis keeping her from talking to Bigby about her employer. In Snow's case, however, she was, in the absence of an M Night Shyamalan-style plot twist, uninvolved. My question is, why did the killer target such a well-known Fable?

Now, it's possible that she was targeted specifically because of her position. It's also possible that it was because of her closeness to Bigby, and Bigby is the ultimate target of the conspiracy. However, I've thought of another scenario: Snow knew more than she thought she did, or was on the threshold of uncovering vital evidence.

If you listen to Snow's phone call to the masseuse when she and Bigby are in the business office, you can hear her mention that there is some discrepancy between the payment records that Snow has seen, and the records kept by the masseuse. Snow has begun questioning the size of the expenses, saying they seem excessively high. However, she doesn't press the matter at the time.

I think that Ichabod is using the massages as an excuse to hide illegal transactions or expenditure from the business office's official records. Either he's being blackmailed, he's embezzling, or he's bribing people. Bluebeard is no doubt involved.

Another piece of evidence: listen to the way Ichabod's voice falters briefly when he mentions the massage. A Fable is murdered and the first thing he does is try to bump up his massage appointment? There's some underhanded dealing going on.

I'm fairly sure this aspect is correct. Whether it is directly connect to the killings is another matter, but it would make sense, right? What do you think?


  • I agree that Ichabod Crane bumping up his massage appointment right after this news is somewhat suspicious, but in his character info it says that he has a lot of nerves and he goes for massages a lot. We must keep in mind that "massages" are also common cover ups for hookers, you know "happy endings", which would make complete sense with the high prices.

  • I think all these "messages" have been for Bigby. Someone is trying to taunt him.

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    something is definitely up with crane and I think the death was more of a message to Bigby than anything, but I don't think we have met the killer yet

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