The Magic Mirror Theory *SPOILERS*

I recently posted this on a discussion, and decided to make it it's own. Below is the very comment and theory I contributed:

I like to call this little one 'The Magic Mirror Theory'.

'These lips are sealed.' It is said twice in Episode 1, once by Faith, and again by the magic mirror (when asked to show Faith). If Faith isn't really dead and the there is an explanation for the head, this is more to go on than you may think. The Magic Mirror obviously knows something about Faith or has a close relation to her (likely the former). If this is indeed the case, the Magic Mirror has either knowledge of Faith's "death" and whereabouts and wishes not to tell, or some magic is preventing him from doing so. Again, I suspect the former for a number of reasons. When he says '...these lips are sealed.', he has a sort of grin on his face - he knows, and is not telling. And not because he isn't allowed to; because he doesn't want to. He is voluntarily involved in it or plays a more major than minor role in it. Of course, he cannot be the killer, because he's a mirror. But think. He is a Magic Mirror. If he IS playing a role in this, he is a huge aid to the walking culprits. He has the mans, and most certainly the time, to tell them exactly where the people are and what they are doing; what more could a murderer/kidnapper/etc want? In conclusion: I think the Magic Mirror may know a lot about Faith (more than a simple gaze through the mirror, what happened to her, where she is if she is alive, and he is in it voluntarily and provided info to the actual murderer (I use italics with 'murderer', because there is no solid evidence that they are really dead, or even murdered at all).

Of course, like so many other things, this is a mere theory.

Thanks for reading. c:

Like said above, this is just a theory. Thanks for reading, and post your thoughts on my theory below. Likely? Unlikely? Possibility? Let me know! ^^


  • Actually I think the fact that you can't see her is because otherwise she wouldn't have been able to escape her father's kingdom and marry a prince who could see her true beauty. She's always been under a protection spell from such magic (mirrors).

  • Personally I believe there's a spell involved and the magic mirror doesn't have the power to overrule it. But there's a bunch of reasons why he couldn't show her. One is the fact that her head is not in the same place as her body and possibly, the mirror can't handle that. Another is that there could be a warding spell on the body to stop anyone being able to use magic to locate it (like the magic mirror). Another is that maybe she's not really dead, and the head is a hoax.

  • i think faith was placed under a spell that prevents her from revealing anything about who she really works for, the spell itself might be called a lip sealing

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