My Playthrough of Wolf Among Us

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Let me start off by saying.

I love interactive gaming choices, hence title of my you tube channel. Interactive Gaming. I adored DA[Dragon Age] when it first came out, it was the first game. Besides the Knights of Old Republic, that really lead you to have a choice.

Past that from the disappointing features in DA2 [Dragon Age 2] I leaned on the Witcher 2. It was amazing game play. However, what really sucks. It takes them years, I mean years to make a new game. I really did enjoy it. Not all roads lead to the same path.

The Wolf Among us, blew my mind. Not just because of the choices. However the things you could do. You played in this comic book about a bunch of fables. (Sounds cheesy at first) then it's actually bad ass.

I wanted to share my play through. It took me an hour and forty minutes. Share you're thoughts, comment, just anything positive. I'd love to hear any feedback in the thread. If others repeated what I did.

If you have them, share your own play through videos. I'm curious what it looks like on other machines. I'm playing off a PC.


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    nice one, check out some of my theories

  • Thanks. The graphics were done on a 580 GTX. I just upgraded to a 780 GTX Lighting. I'm really curious if the graphics will improve even more.

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