• I gave her the money :3 I didn't want her going back with nothing

  • me too, didn't want her to get in more trouble.
    why asking? because of the sexist discussion?

  • I gave her the money as well. The wince she gives when you asks if she's going to get in trouble over this... I'm not going to be responsible for someone beating on her because I couldn't be bothered to give her what I had in my pockets. I was a little worried I might need it later, but at that point, she needed it a lot more.

    Felt kinda silly when I found her head though, as the third or fourth thought I had was "Well, that was a waste of money..."

  • I'm female and I gave her the money. I felt sorry for her and thought she might get into real trouble if she came back emptyhanded. Also, it felt like the sort of thing that the Bigby I know from the comics would do, and on my first playthrough I wanted to play as close to how I perceive his character as possible.

  • I gave her money for the same reasons as everyone else,she seemed in trouble and I wanted to be nice.It just felt like the right thing to do.

  • Gave her the money, I want my Bigby to have a soft spot for girls.. c:

  • I gave her the money. I didnt want her pimp punching her up the way Woody did.

  • Don't know why gender matters here but of course I gave her the money.

  • I'm also female and gave her the money. She had already been beaten once and I didn't want her going back empty handed and risking a further beating from her pimp. Plus I like playing the nice guy, she was nice to us and did come to our rescue outside.

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