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Where's the "OMG, great game, love you telltale, THANKS!"-thread?

posted by Cyphox on - Viewed by 868 users

Threads like this were all over the place in the old forums for other games and they were stickied, so everyone could find them easily.

So where is it? Am i blind?

  • OMG! Great Game! I adore you, (I'm not sure if I'm ready for that kind of commitment, just yet) TTG! Thanks (And please don't cop-out </3)!

    There, I'm there in spirit. <3 :)

  • Thank you so much Telltale, I'm addicted to your games
    As a fan of TWD, I was waiting for season 2 and I was pretty annoyed that you were developing and releasing some other game instead of working on TWD2... I remember looking at TWAU's picture on this forum everytime I visited to check if there were news of TWD2, and thinking "stupid Wolf Among Us", I want the Walking Dead.
    I finally bought TWAU Episode 1 partly out of spite, partly out of curiosity (after all, if the same guys made it, it can't really suck) and... I was hooked on the spot.

    Now I'm waiting for both TWD season 2 and TWAU Ep2, and you better be working hard cause I NEED more
    So thank you for your awesome games

  • I love you Telltale. I need moar Wolf Among Us!

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