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Wolf Among us-Touch support on windows 8

posted by ChrisBardon on - Viewed by 2.8K users

Are there plans to patch in touchscreen support for Windows devices? I bought the game hoping to play on my Surface Pro, but it looks like the only control option is WASD + mouse. Touch commands appear to work on dialog choices, but not to select items on screen, and there is no way to open the menu without a keyboard.

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    EvanK Telltale Staff

    The Windows version of The Wolf Among Us was not designed to work with touch controls. At this time, we have not announced any plans to patch for touchscreen controls on Windows devices.

    • Ok, I was actually able to get things partially working using the beta for Gestureworks Gameplay, but mouse input still seems to be broken when translating touch points to clicks. The position of the cursor is always off, even with DPI scaling on the app is disabled, and the screen resolution is set to the native 1920x1080. A little disappointing, since the whole reason I bought the PC version over the Xbox one is to be able to play on the tablet. Also a little strange, since I remember playing both BTTF and Monkey Island on windows tablets, and other than opening the menus, I remember both of those working reasonably well. New engine/style though I suppose.

  • Would be awesome if they updated the interface to be more touch friendly. Just brought a Razer Edge Pro gaming windows tablet. It sorta works as it is but with a few tweeks it would be awesome.

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