Found where faith was before the murder

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If you give faith the matchbook when she is trying to light her cigarette she takes it and puts it in her pocket, I thought nothing of it until I made it to the bar and saw the match box. I played through it again and lite her cigarette for her and the matchbox wasn't in the bar that means she was in the bar before she was murdered.


  • i knew i should have gave her that match box!!! (facepalm)

  • Yeah, wasn't sure then I was like alright I'll give it to her

  • Aw, fuck me. I can't believe I didn't notice that before. (Then again, how could I have? I always give her the matchbox.)

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    Weird. I distinctly remember lighting her cigarette and still finding the matchbook at the bar. Are you sure it wasn't there? Maybe someone else can try to confirm this (I'm away from my console at the moment).

    EDIT: Here. I found a video of one single continuous session of the game. The player lights Faith's cigarette with the lighter in the beginning at around 14:15 and still finds the matchbook in the bar. In fact, at 1:32:04, you can see the matchbook still in his inventory even though his reticle is pointed at the one at the bar.

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    If that's true, I take back what I said.

    EDIT: Yup, I take it back.

  • I'm pretty sure the matchbox is there, even if you don't give it to her. I gave it to her on my first play and decided on my second play to not do anything, so she lit the cigarette with her own lighter. And the matchbox was at the bar (I remember the conversation with the advertising on my second play).

  • I'm pretty sure the matchbook is there regardless, unfortunately. But it would have been cool if you were right.

  • THIS!

    matchbox is still to be found at the bar if you light up her cigarette.

  • The matchbook Bigby finds at the Woodsman's apartment has the advert on the front torn off, whereas the one you find in the bar is pristine.

  • I believe the matchbook was from the Woodsman. Even though Dee and/or Mr Toad drops the hint later on.

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