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A question about Glamour

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How exactly does Glamour work?
I know it is a magical spell that give Fables who aren't already human the ability to look like one.
But how exactly does it work?

Can Fables really just swap between human and animal/creature form under the spell at will?

Does it require more Glamour to change back?

Are all Fables able to do this?

How long do these spells last if they require more of it? (Such as the case with Mr Toad)

For example Bigby seems to be able to morph between the human and wolf when angered or at his own will power. Without showing any signs of needing any extra Glamour.
Is it just a special ability or can they all do something similar?

Forgive me if this has already been covered elsewhere, it's just something I've been curious about and wondered if anyone else had a solid answer or theory about it.

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    In the Woodland apartments there is the 13th floor, that's the floor where all the witches reside, the leader of them (at least in the beginning of the series) is Frau Totenkinder (literally "Dead Children" in German, I believe) and she's a witch of many stories such as Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, etc.

    They have reformed their ways when entering planet earth, much like everyone else, and they do dozens of different spells to help out the fables. For example, they have spells around both Fabletown and the Farm to make humans instinctively be disinterested in those places. They also have spells that turn the Farm invisible from far away, spells that wipe out memories, clear out cities, magical barriers against possible attacks from invaders, they are incredibly powerful and when the witches all work together, they can do some amazing stuff. Hell, they can even transform people from one form to the other, they transformed dragons into birds and giants into pigs.

    They also can disguise monsters into people like the game says, in the comics they do it to guys like Mr Web, Grumble, etc, it was never really clarified how the spell works, but its known for a fact that the witches don't have the ability to make unlimited glamours/transformations, so that's why they ask money for it. The more people that want to look human, the more expensive it gets (and the less powerful the spell becomes, not sure about the details) to preserve their magical energies.

    But its really not that common a thing. In the game we already saw it in Holly and Grendel, but the majority of fables in Fabletown aren't using it. Bigby isn't using glamour, for example, he was born a windwolf and was imbued with a poisoned (with lycanthropy) knife , Beast isn't using glamour either, he can't control his beast form and it depends on his humor but for the most part he looks human enough, and obviously the fables that look human don't need glamour as they can just pass off as such. And there's the ones that can't pass off and don't have enough money (the vast majority) so they go to the farm.

    So yeah, there are really no details on how the "glamour" works, but its a spell the witches do to enchant people that pay them into looking like humans.

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