• The beauty one for sure,

  • I agree that Beauty would have been good to ask the Mirror about. I would have also liked to ask the Mirror "Show me Toad" right before leaving so that I could have seen for myself whether or not his situation was really so dire. Bluebeard and Crane would have been good inquiries as well.

    As for actual dialogue choices, I would have liked to remind Toad that the fact that "Me son's in the other room, Bigby" is precisely why he should tell me what happened before I have to get big and bad and slap him around a little.

  • Any dialogue you wanted from Smoke and Mirrors? For me, there's one I can think of while interrogating Dee

    Dee: "You were there with me when it happened, dummy."

    Bigby: "True, but you had blood on your shirt before you even came to the Trip-Trap. Care to explain how that happened?"

  • Grendel: Stop

    Bigby: What the f*** do you want

    Grendal: Why so serious

    Bigby: Hey wanna see my pencil trick

    Little references to films like

  • Once it became clear that the ribbons were magically compelling their wearers to secrecy, I would have liked Bigby to question around that more. Nerissa was clearly willing to help him. He could have used some cleverly-worded questions to get further information about it.

  • Snow: Can you...Close her mouth? Please?

    [close mouth]


    "Do it yourself."

    >[tell joke]

    Bigby: [moves mouth up and down while saying "Can you close her mouth please?" in a high-pitched voice]

    Snow White will remember that.

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