The murder weapon as culprit theory

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this is separate from my other theory, although I do tend to think that is happening too

did all you detectives notice the magic knife covered in blood that all the characters ignore as if it is not even there? I did. and its got me thinking,

01:: what is everyone looking for? you will recall that faith is looking for something and so are the tweedles, methinks they are looking for the knife not sure why everyone thinks the woodsman has or had it

02:: the murder weapon is "something sharp, or Magic"

03:: everyone ignores a weapon, covered in blood, lying on the floor, as if it has a perception filter. "my lips are sealed" also the perception filter.

04:: both faith and snow white could have gained access to it

theory:: its a weapon that possesses people, and then they chop their own heads off and the body walks away with the knife, maybe it used to belong to bluebeard? and he is trying to get it back? so, you know, he is not entirely blameless while at the same time not being the culprit?

it all fits.

problems:: I dont know why the heads are deposited in front of the building, unless bluebeard lives in there or something. problems:: the body of faith should be at Larwences apartment, especially if one goes there first instead of Toads

questions:: does snow white have her neck covered when she appears in the alley?


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    01:: If the Tweedles were interested in the knife, why didn't Dee just take it from Lawrence's apartment when he was there? It was laying on the ground in plain sight. And where did you get the idea that Faith was looking for anything other than the money she explicitly said the Woodsman owed her?

    02:: Something very sharp, or something with magic attached to it =/= something sharp with magic attached to it. We also have no reason to think that the knife was magic, other than the fact that it looks somewhat ornate.

    03:: Who ignored it? Bigby had the option to investigate it and comments on how the Mirror focused on the knife when it showed him Lawrence. And Snow White presumably must have saw it too or she would have probably asked what the hell Bigby was talking about. If there's a perception filter on that knife, it's a pretty crappy one.

    04:: Anyone could have gained access to it. Lawrence was basically comatose and the door/window to his apartment was wide open.

    theory:: That's...that's some imagination you got there.

    "it all fits" --->HOW????

    problems:: Finally some things we can agree upon.

    questions:: Nope.

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    All of that being said, the knife could still have been a murder weapon if murders in fact took place (which I'm still not 100% convinced of). There was a huge, still sticky puddle of blood at Lawrence's place that can't be explained by anything Lawrence did to himself. I suppose that could have been where Faith was murdered/decapitated although why the killer would decide to do it there escapes me.

    Regardless, something violent and bloody had to have happened at the foot of the bed in order to cause that blood spot. The knife could have been involved in that, but that would depend on whether the blood on the knife was fresh or not. It's possible that that was simply what Lawrence used to slash his wrists with and that the puddle of blood was the result of something else entirely.

  • It's a possibility it could have been the knife, though one might think that there would have been more blood on the blade, considering it was used to saw off a head and all. Since it seems to be concentrated on one side of the blade, I going with Dome's theory of Lawerence trying to cut his wrists with it. As a matter of fact, in regards to Lawrence's apartment, there's a lot of things that don't make any sense. That's for another time, though.

    Frankly, I'm not even sure we've been introduced to the "murder weapon," yet. I mean, we're dealing with the Tweedles, here. That implies that "Alice in Wonderland" is a deal, here. Thinking about it for a minute, more on the "sharp and/or magical" bit... what could cause that kind of damage? Alice in Wonderland... A sharp weapon... What's to say that it wasn't the "Vorpal Sword?" It might fit. Maybe. Mind you, I haven't touched the comics yet, so someone inform me if the sword was devoured by a flaming hell fire, or something. The description of the sword is something along the lines of, "It has the ability to cut through any object." (L. Carrol couldn't give us a description, apparently, so it's been adapted) That leaves the suspect list pretty open. If it can cut through anything, with an implied ease, then anyone, of any physical stature, could wield the sword easily.

    Just a thought. :)

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