• I'll just repeat here what I posted in the thread:

    Maybe she always has the ring on her person but just takes it off her finger and puts it in her purse when she's "working." Her ring displays her family crest and so it might remind her of her former wealth and glory. More tragically, maybe it reminds her of how she ran away from her riches to avoid giving herself away to someone she didn't want to and is now selling her body to earn a tiny fraction of the wealth she had.

  • She didn't not want Bigby to find out about the ring, as she didn't know that he would enter the room when she has it off.

    It could be a glitch. Most likely some weird oversight.

  • Oh shit! Its cool you found that out. Kudos to you.

    It could be a glitch, an oversight or it could have some actual significance and be explained in the game. Guess we'll find out eventually.

  • I just checked it: Toad clearly says one of the Tweedle was looking for Something the Woodman has or think he would have. I truly beliebe it's the ring, as I mentioned already.

    • The ring is important and not a glitch.

      With the camera centered at it for so long, they must have intended the player to notice it.
      Whether it was just to hint at Faith's true identity or more than that is unclear.

      We don't know if it was in the Woodman's apartment or if Faith carried it in her bag the whole time,
      only taking her husbands ring off when she was "working".

      The murderer has a pattern, he's killing princesses.
      And I predict that Beauty will be next...

      • Yeah, I suppose Beauty will be next, as we don't know any other female characters, except of the bartender lady (I've forgotten her name). I also assume, that something's going to happen to the trip trap lady's sister, because in the preview of the second episode she says 'oh no'. Also Gren mentioned that her sister is missing.

    • I thought they were looking for the Axe, not the ring. As the Axe is most likely the murder weapon.

  • I don’t think Faith’s intention was finding her family heirloom when visiting the Woodsman’s apartment. I don’t think she got what she was looking for because while wearing her ring she can be seen at times appearing genuinely upset rather than relieved.

  • I hadn't noticed until I read this thread that the ring is not on her finger while she is in the Woodsman's apartment. Maybe she did just take it off because she was "working" or maybe there was another reason.

    One interesting thing to note is that in most versions of this tale, Donkey Skin's ring is significant because it serves to bring her and the prince together. In Perrault's version (one of the earlier written versions of the story), the ring is dropped into a cake that the prince eats and then it becomes a device similar to Cinderella's shoe. The prince declares that he will only marry the girl whose finger can fit into the ring, because he knows that his true love made the cake. Definitely something to keep in mind when considering the importance of the ring. So if this follows the old story, the ring would not only be important to Faith, but to Prince Lawrence as well.

    Here's a link to Perrault's story.

  • So... after playing Smokes and Mirrors I am even more convinced that Dee was in her appartement looking for her ring. He almost babbled it out during the interrogation. What else could it be?

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