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So I'm playing the game again and I noticed something about Grendel; His eyes are perfectly fine while waiting in line, but in the bar when he stops you from going to the Woodsman, you see his eye and his eye is white. Dunno if this is relevant to anything but I wonder what he could have been doing within the time frame of waiting in line to being in the bar.


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    Personally, I believe that the angrier that Grendel gets the more that his Glamour starts to fade, kind of like how Bigby starts to transform in high-stress situations.

    But, if I were to guess, I think that Grendel has been turning up every stone looking for Holly's sister, and could've gotten in trouble along the way.

    Just my theory.

  • A good theory. He did want to talk to Crane and possibly got denied, which is why he went out to search for Holly's sister, got injured, and then commented how nobody helped him. I dunno, I just found it interesting that he was, but as you said, I forgot that Glamour can fade or as Toad put it "the quality goes down"

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