Does Bigby have to pay for a Glamour?

I'm just getting into the comics after playing this awesome game, and from what I've looked up Bigby is actually just a overgrown wolf, and in his natural state doesn't look human in the slightest.

So does Bigby have to pay for a Glamour to keep himself looking human or is he some kind of shapeshifter?


  • i dont think he has 2 pay for glamour. Like the movei out of time with JT the time cop dosnt have 2 pay for his time just like Bigby dosnt have 2 pay 4 his glamour the gov. funds it to them in exchange 4 catching bad guys

  • Actually, I think he is, in fact, some kind of shapeshifter. I've seen different explanations as to why. It's either because his father is the North Wind or something about a lycanthropy knife, but no he doesn't use glamour.

  • I do remember reading something about a lycanthropy knife/sword or whatever. I don't think it has to do with his father though, I think thats mostly just responsible for his wind powers/growing so damn large. But the knife may be the answer. I'm only on the second issue of the Fables comics so I need to read more.

  • The best explanation that I found for this resides in the prose story A Wolf in the Fold, which can be found in the Legends in Exile (Volume 1 of Fables), you'll find your answer.

    Hopefully TellTale will address this question in later episodes of the game, who knows?

  • I'm reading the wolf in the fold, and found my answer. Thank you.

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    No, he does not need to pay for glamour. He was born from a wolf and the North Wind, which technically means he could shapeshift into anything he wanted, but he disregards those powers and refuses to use them because he despises his dad. Due to the lack of training of those powers and his refusal to use them, he's, at least for the moment, unable to shapeshift despite his genes.

    Nonetheless, when he came into our world, Snow White offered him the chance to be able to live within the fabletown walls with a lycanthropy-poisoned knife

    So, now he's just essentially a werewolf. Can change at a whim by thought alone.

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    No, he didn't.

    I don't really recall the details (whether it was a magic knife or a plain-old spell) but the agreement was that in order to become Sheriff of Fabletown he had to look human, so they made him look human (even though he is the scariest and nastiest beast that came back from the Homelands).

    Linking with that, comes the second condition of the arrangement, he is not allowed in The Farm because most of his old victims were animal fables and they are scared shitless of him.

    PS: All that about his father, not wanting to change, remaining a wolf like his mother... yeah, it's true, but that was not the point, and it only confuses people who have not read the comic books yet.

  • spoilers from bigby's background story:

    not entirely true, his human appearance had nothing to to with being sheriff back then. problem was, he wouldnt be accepted at the farm, so he has to live in fabletown, but in order to do so, he has to appear human. so snow bought a cursed knife from a witch that turns humans into wolfs, but works vice versa. she gave him the possibilty to escape from their homeland to thank him for guiding other fables into the mundane world.

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