• You "managed"? Yeah because that was hard to do.

  • That's the power of Telltale, they make you think you chose the right paths to get to the clever things, but 99% of those paths would have happened regardless.

    • It all depends of how you want your character to be. The outcomes are similar because it need to stick with the story but the profile you built for your character is certain a matter of choice. That's what I tried to show here. For example, when Holy ask you What do you want Sheriff? If your answer is "Official Fabletown Business" you will receive a pop up message that says "she will remember that" because her sister is missing and Fabletown Business is doing nothing to help her. That's why you pissed her more. If you say that you are in the neighborhood and just came to say hello, the pop up message you receive is "you avoided a direct answer" I'm not sure how much this is going to affect the story in the upcoming episodes but if you are paying attention to the story so far, and the things you say, you will see that it indeed affect part of the story like when you say to Lawrence he's wife is dead, he's gonna shot himself in the head. If you lie he's gonna stay alive in the next episode. Think about that.

      • Yes you're right. But there's nothing you can do to avoid having the same line of conversation you showed us with Woodsman. A couple of lines, that's all.

        • Like you said, you can add a couple of lines making it more funny. Or say nothing too. And yes you can ruin the fun factor in a lot of scenes. Like in the very first dialog with Toad. I came to help him but I'm playing as Big Bad Wolf, a frog would not tell me what to do when he wants. When he ask me to head upstairs quickly, I opted to say nothing and I was paying more attention to my cigarette. The next time Toad said he has to go "The Woodsman" and then I head upstairs. Taking my time, make him know I'm the Bad guy not the Woodsman. But hey, this thread is about hilarious moments. Maybe the word "managed" pissed some of you but that wasn't the intention. It is not about me, or how smart I'm playing the game. There is nothing smart in that just the way I want Bigby to be. No need to hate, just play the game a couple more times and you will realize what I'm taking about. This is like the 6th time I play this first episode. And I'm doing that way to create my preferred approach for the next one. There is nothing wrong if your want your Bigby to be ingenious, or silly if you want...

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