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Is Molly the S2 protector now? (TWD Cross Promotion)

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I found this website that details the cross promotion. I was expecting the weapon to be Lee's bread and butter wood axe but I was shocked to find the only weapon available in the Shadow Warrior game is Molly's Ice Axe"Hilda".

It got me wondering if Molly is Lee's replacement in TWD S2. The timing of the cross promotion is very convenient with the upcoming TTG TWD S2 announcement that PuzzleBox confirmed will happen by the end of October. Molly's placement in S1 was very limited and gave players just enough time to get to get to know her.

I wants to see what others thought.

  • Here is a screen capture of "Hilda"

    Alt text

  • Molly is pretty neutral, I guess, but I'm not so sure. I wouldn't oppose playing as her though, she's a badass.

  • Yea I have to admit I'm pretty psyched if you get to play as Molly in S2. She has zombie killing written all over.

  • I've nothing against her but I don't really like the idea of playing as Molly in Season 2, I feel that she works better as a supporting character instead. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to seeing her again in Season 2, but she doesn't strike me as 'protagonist' material.

  • The sad thing is that her sole purpose in episode 4 is to make the player feel good and have some 'badass' to talk to after the depressing events in episode 3. It was even stated by Gary Whitta in a Playing Dead episode that they don't like to introduce OP characters in TWD because of the lack of realism. She served her purpose. I highly doubt she's coming back.

  • I wonder why they did not include Lee's Axe in the promotion. I thought Molly's Ice Axe was a odd choice unless there was more planned for her in S2.

    But who knows it could mean nothing at all.

  • I'd personally be against the idea. Molly's skill set would make for too disparate a change for the theme of the story, and I honestly didn't find her characterization too compelling beyond the snarky action-hero trope. That said, I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see her make a cameo.

  • Well I guess we might find out tomorrow. Hopefully we see who is going to be the new protector.

  • Personally, I hope not. I didn't find anything appealing about Molly during the time we got to know her. Molly's snarky demeanour and super-slick survivor skills became grating after a while.

    But if she DOES turn out to be S2's protagonist...well, I'll do my best to give the first episode a shot.

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