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I like the Walking Dead Telltale Game. I don't really like the Walking Dead TV show.

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The former is largely well written and involves you in its characters. The latter is a complete mess riddled with plot holes and has a large number of characters who behave in ways that are inconsistent and, frankly, idiotic (lookin' at you, Andrea).

I read here that Season 2 of the game might have some crossover with the TV show. I have to admit that unnerves me slightly. I prefer the two stories to remain largely separate. I mean, didn't they clarify that the game is taking the comics as canon anyway?

Anyone else have this view, or am I alone?

  • The TV Show is what first brought me into the walking dead universe, without that, I would have never given any other walking dead material a try. For that, I am pretty damn happy. I love the TV Show. I can't decide which I like better between the comics and the game. I think they are all great in their own ways. I am happy that Season 2 will be having some TV Show characters in the mix.

    I do like the crossovers as well. Like in Episode 1 - A New Day, We see Shawn who got bitten. Hershel then puts him in the barn (Which we don't see) and then in the show later on when Rick's group discovers Hershel's farm, Maggie is talking to Glenn and begins to name all the walkers in the barn. She mentions Shawn.

    Another thing, At the end of a new day, Glenn says that he has to go to atlanta to meet up with his friends. We see that he has successfully met up with them in the TV Show when he helps Rick in Atlanta in the first few episodes of season 1.

    I love all that. I do like however how the characters who are in the game look more like their comic counterpart rather than the TV Show version.

    My theory that Woodbury will be introduced in Season 2 also makes me believe that we will get to see the governor, but obviously before he loses his eye or before he meets Rick's group. Or maybe we'll get to meet him between the gap between season 3 and 4 of the show. Maybe that's when Season 2 of the game will take place.

    I remember that the first episode of the game takes place while Rick is in the coma. I like how all this connects, yet it's alot different from each other. I'm glad to see that they are going to be adding TV show characters to the mix. I disagree with what you had to say, but you aren't alone. I've seen plenty of people who like the game and don't like the show.

    • I finished the first compendium of the comics, the first 48 issues. I really, REALLY don't want Clementine to encounter the Governor :(

    • Rigtail, as the only other person here who seems to actually appreciate the show, I thought you'd like to know, if you dont already, that its been renewed for season 5. They must be doing something right. :D

  • I agree with you, the TV Show is a mess, the characters are flat and Carl is the most annoying kid character EVER

    • Am i the only one who thinks that the governor in the comic looks really unrealistic and shitty, whilst the TV show is 10x more realistic? I mean, obviously it's recorded in real life and not drawn, but i mean, just look at that comic, just... no.

  • I didn't like the show. It was boring and characters were annoying. Then I played the game. I fell in love. Waiting for second season was hard so I gave the show another chance. Now it's better. Game saved the show, imo.
    I really recommend comics - more interesting and shocking then tv series.

    Yes. Unfortunately, Andrea from the show was dumber than Duck.

  • Game is awesome.

    Show is awesome.

    I don't really have any concerns about potential crossovers. If it happens it happens and if it doesn't happen then that's okay too.

  • I have to agree, I prefer the Walking Dead game over the Walking Dead TV show. I felt more invested and more connected to the cast in the game than the TV series.

    It's not that I don't like watching the show, since it does have its good moments, but some scenes were pretty difficult to take seriously thanks to poor writing and suffering from either poor or non-existant characterization (Andrea and T-Dog springs to mind).

  • I'm one of the people who only looked into the AMC series after playing the game. I don't hate the show, to be honest I think a few of the story variations from the comic are improvements, but the game's easily been my favorite piece of Walking Dead media, and I prefer it to stand on its own.

    • I've never actually read the comics, and I doubt I ever will. For me, the zombie apocalypse has been almost completely run into the ground as a premise at this point, turned into a monument to milking a phenomenon until its udders turn black and fall off. I originally ruled out the Walking Dead Telltale game precisely because I couldn't stand more friggin' zombies, and only changed my mind after many glowing reviews.

      I'm glad I changed my mind, and I eagerly look forward to Season 2, but my enjoyment of the series is largely in spite of the overused premise. I have no real taste for getting involved in more zombie stuff outside of it, including anything else Walking Dead unless its done as well as the Telltale game, which I get the sense it usually isn't.

      • I have said before that it's not the zombie premise that drew me to the game. Telltale was my introduction to the Walking Dead, but I didn't look into it until I heard all of the recommendations concerning characterization.

        I checked out the show and comics afterwards hoping to find a similar level depth, but neither really hit the same emotional spark for me.

    Edit; I didn't look at the new comments before I posted. So, my reply was to Zeruis. XD Sorrrry.

  • Honestly? I like the game more than the tv show

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