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The nudity seen in the sneak peek for episode 2 isn't really necessary could the woman not just be standing in a bra / bikini or something else skimpy? Or can we just have a censoring option in the menu? -Thanks in advance

  • Yep, it is necessary. Seems like a strip club to me. Ever seen a strip club without nipples? It is a dark, brutal game. Gore and splatter is okay, but some gorgeous female curves aren't? What's wrong with you guys and those double standards. Just don't make a big fuss about that one. I'm sure there won't be a lot of nudity in this game.

    • I have to agree, it's a mature game so I fail to see how low res boobs are more offensive than the murder, suicide, and violence, etc that goes along with it.

    • I have to agree on this one. It looks stupid on some TV-series when people are in a strip club and girls are wearing underwear or bikini. While my general opinion about strip joints is negative (I have visited enough of those to know what the places are like), I think that if the game aims to any kind of gritty realism, then there should be nudity.

  • Why are people so hung up on a two second shot of one bare boob? A cartoon boob at that lol.

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