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Bigby: Werewolf or Wolf?

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Hi there. It's been a while since I've been on this forum *cough because I hate the new forum *cough but still I have a question. I'm sorry if someone has already made a thread like this. Anyway, in the episode 2 trailer we see Bigby (if it is Bigby, I don't really know) in a sort of Wolf-Man form, like a werewolf. So I was wondering (I'm not a comic reader) since in the picture book in the majors office we see Bigby looks like a large wolf. So I was thinking, is Bigby a werewolf thing or an actual wolf. Or is the werewolf thing in episode 2 not his final form. I don't know. Discuss.

Also is he a wolf in the comics?

  • he's a wolf, either its not his final form in the trailer or its not bigby.

    game's canon, so imho telltale cant make an werewolf out of bigby, no way.

  • He was born a wolf, but technically has the power to shapeshift (for reasons of lineage), a power which he rejects. During his Big Bad Wolf days he was literally a giant wolf.

    I think when the Fables were exiled, Snow White offered to infect him with lycanthropy using an artifact in her possession. I guess a wolf doesn't really have much to lose from being infected with lycanthropy, so Bigby agreed, and now he can switch between his human and wolf forms and various states in between.

    The form in the Episode 2 trailer would probably be Bigby's penultimate form before his true state as a giant wolf.

  • He's pretty much a reverse werewolf. Is natural form is that of a giant black wolf, but was offered the curse of lycanthropy from snow white so he can transform into a human, and back whenever he wants.

    So to answer your question.. He's both.

  • Born from the North Wind and a female wolf, he was born a wolf that had the powers to shapeshift if he worked hard on them. He refused on doing so and relied on being a wolf and being a primal hunter (that can talk)

    When he decided to move to Planet Earth (because of Snow White), Snow offered him a lycanthropy-poisoned knife so he could live in peace in Fabletown as the sheriff.

    In the past during the famous stories he was a wolf, but now he's a, like CinereoMortis bluntly puts it, a revese-werewolf

    By the way, its explained that the reason why he can huff and puff impressive winds from out of his mouth is because of his father being the North Wind. In case you were curious :)

  • Cool.....

    ... It has a weevil :)

  • He may be Werewolf, he seems to be able to take a human for and can change partially into werewolf and not fully without having that green glow when he does switch forms. He may have a special Glamour that is more advanced in the shape shifting ways. Just a thought.

  • O hai, TKA.

    I hope that isn't his final form, a giant badass wolf is way cooler. Had no idea about that stuff with the lycanthropy, glad this was brought up.

    • he's no werewolf, that just wouldnt make any sense. why should he automatically turn at full moon and stuff, where should that come from? why and how should a wolf turn into a werewolf?

      i think his transformation has just several levels, just think back to the fight with grendel, he also turned there, but just very little (teeth, hairy arms/hands, claws). and he still kicked grendel butt like shit, damn, think about how ugly things will get, when bigby fights in his final form.

  • I may have to read some of the comics, I'm curious.

  • He is most certainly a wolf. He was a wolf in Red Riding Hood and in the Three Pig story too. He just appear to be human because of the glamour he bought.

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