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Interesting Lee Theory(SPOILERS FOR EP. 5)

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What do you guys think?

  • There already is an identical thread

  • In the show and the comics, they amputated a body part directly after getting bitten while Lee waited a couple of hours (or so it seems). Even then, it was too long of a wait and the infected had already made it's way into his system so cutting of his arm was useless. He's dead, just accept it.

  • I'm getting kinda sick of all these people swearing to their graves that; ''Lee =alive! Kenny 2! LOL'' These people are either just plain stupid, or they aren't accepting the death of their beloved characters. I mourned too, the difference is that I let go.

  • Maybe Lee is a robot from the future?

  • I talked about this basically last year on the threads xD Think this guy is a liiiiitle behind, there. I seriously doubt Telltale will do this though, and I think it'd be best if Lee was allowed to rest in peace.

    • I mourned Lee already, bringing him back in any way would be a cop out.

      • I wouldn't call it a cop out, though. There is the slightest of chances that Lee can survive. I don't want that anymore though, since I too have gotten over his death. It wouldn't be the best choice, IMO, to bring him back.

  • Wtf with the antibiotics... How could it even be possible... He is bitten and then by a prodigious miracle someone give him some antibiotics... It never saved anyone, why should that mysterious guy who give lee these antibiotics think that it could heal him?
    Those theory are killing me... (not very softly T-T)

    • Well we don't know what really causes the infected. Could be some form of sickness. Antibiotics can help with illnesses. I would imagine it would depend on the antibiotic, and how long it had been before it was administered to the bitten. At Lee's point, I believe even THAT would be too late.

      If anything, I'm surprised Lee died so quickly while being bitten near the wrist. Duck died hours later, but well... so did Lee. Meanwhile, I believe Jim in the comics lasted over 2 days and was smaller than Lee's figure. And he was bitten in the stomach(if I remember correctly), so Lee shouldn't have gotten in critical condition so soon.

      But yeah, it is the same with cancer. The surgery is to remove the infected parts in the body. It can work, and then it may not, because the cancer cells can move fast and hide themselves. You can remove it from the breast and then find it elsewhere. Same with being bitten, I would assume. If you cut off the infected area quickly, it stops the spread. Elsewise, you're kinda screwed. Antibiotics(the right kind and right dosage) may save a bitten person, who knows besides Kirkman? There is little we actually know lol

      • Well, who knows if he really dies at the end of episode 5?
        All seems to confirm his death, but i don't think that antibiotics can save from a zombie bite. How long since the apocalypse ? Maximum 400 days... It's not possible that they have found the cure in such a short time. Antibiotics work by destroying or slowing the source of the disease, in most cases it should be bacteria. If the apocalypse is caused by a virus i don't think antibiotics can work. (I am not studying medecine, but i suppose it's by vaccination that we cure disease caused by virus). And after all, is "zombification" a disease, 'cause if you don't die you can't turn zombie! As we know, the "Virus" is in the air and everyone is already infected. So logically the bites don't turn you into a Walker. I suppose that when a zombie bites you, you're contamined by a bunch of disease that cause death. So you are not killed by the zombie virus, but by the bacteria that germinate in the decaying body. That sure leaves plenty of questions like : "Does the bite of a zombie, dead by a natural cause, like by age, is pathogenic ?" , etc and etc
        But in all case i don't think that there already is a medical response to that, making such antibiotics surely implies lab research and all. When you see that research for curing disease like cancer last for more than 20 years...
        Who knows ? Maybe the zombie "Virus" is something that transforms our genes to create predisposition to die by viral infection ?
        Realistically it couldn't have saved Lee, but perhaps he is dying from blood loss... Then a transfusion would have sufficed...
        No... No... Lee is dead... ToT

        • Well who really knows in their world how long it takes for it to spread through the body. As for the bite infection, I've always thought of it like this: The virus is inside everyone, but it lies dormant inside. A bite from a walker is a catalyst that causes the person to slowly die and then 'turn'. If they die of natural causes or other reasons, it is kinda like Shingles I guess; it just shows itself to be dormant. If the brain no longer works because the body is dead, but the virus is still flowing around in there, then the virus would become like the controller, in a way. But the bite simply kills them. Ever seen someone get injured from a dead body? There is a chance for bacteria to get in there and can be dangerous/lethal.

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