Where is the "Who is the killer" Question?

edited October 2013 in The Wolf Among Us

Just watched a friend finish the game.
Everything was as usual, but then when we saw the "Player choices" one
of the things was removed. We didn't see the "Who is the killes" choice.
Why was this removed?


  • Odd. I just went onto my game now, and checking player choices, it has been removed for me as well. It was there when I finished the episode, and previous times I went back to check, but not now.

    It seems to have been swapped for 'Did you defend Snow White to Crane?', I've never seen that one there before.

  • Jeez, I hate when games do that.

    I still have this choice displayed, of course - because after activating the game, I never play while being online with the exception of when I have to download new episodes...

  • I don't know why they would swap it out for something else. It was interesting to see who other players were suspicious of.

  • Both of the player choices of "Did you defend Snow White to Crane?" and "Who did you suspect?" is on my player choices page.

  • Hmm very odd :s I don't remember if I had the "Did you defend Snow White to Crane?" or not.

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