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Whats up with the game?

posted by Leplaya on - Viewed by 434 users

A week ago, I bought the Xbox 360 console disc version of The Walking dead from Telltale at Target. It was a new copy. And as soon as I start playing it. It has a series of lagging with the framerate. It happens whenever i'm about to make an attack on a zombie, which doesn't let me kill the zombie and it ends up killing me.

Its annoying to me. I would appreciate it if this stopped. Its taking me out of the game. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?

  • Don't get the 360 Version it is the worst of the bunch. There is a scene during Episode 3 where you and Omid has to jump off a bridge and it LITERALLY took 2 minutes to transition to the next scene for me. Love this game to death and own it on everything but the 360 version is the worst....

  • I play it on Xbox 360 too, and yes, the game slightly lags now and then between some loadings, but never to the point of messing with action scenes, and never ever for literally 2 minutes...
    Is it because it's all installed on my hard drive, since I bought it online from Xbox online service ?
    Does your 360 have a hard drive so you could try to install the game ?

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