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Purchasing Episodes on PSN

edited October 2013 in The Wolf Among Us

If I buy episode one only, and then buy every other episode separately, are the episodes added as DLC? Or are each of them separate game files on the dashboard?


  • Dunno how PSN works, but The Walking Dead game on XBox added it as DLC, it should be the same but I'm not entirely sure.

  • judging by the other TT games i have on my ps3, (except TWD) they are all separate.

  • Previously, Telltale released episodes as separate files.

    However, for their newer games such as Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us, they release Episode 1 as a "main game" and offer the following episodes as DLC. I believe they changed this as it allows them to release episodes faster on Consoles since DLC takes less time to be approved by digital stores than separate game files.

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