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I purchased the season pass for the wolf among us on xbox yet it says that I have to purchase episode 1 faith still. Is this an error or do I have to buy it? Please assist.


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    I think that the console version of the Season Pass is different from the PC/Mac version. For PC/Mac, you get all episodes at once and can't buy them individually. However (going off of Walking Dead episodes), on other platforms such as Xbox/PS3 or iOS, they offer the first episode as the "main game" and the following episodes as DLC which can be bought individually or in a Season Pass that contains Episodes 2-5 together at a discount price.

    If you have only bought the "Season Pass" on Xbox, then it sounds like you still need to buy Episode one since Console/Mobile versions of the season pass only include episodes 2-5 as DLC rather than all episodes.

  • Alright. Thanks for the help.

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