At the end of the game (spoilers)

So as we all know the last episode in this little season of The Wolf Among Us is 'Cry Wolf" and this leads me to think that at the end maybe because you are the only one who is involved in this investigation then at the end, it depends on how many people you have at your side (that they think you are good) like Toad and the pig (can't recall his name) please let me know what you think. There was a comment in another discussion don't remember where that said that Bigby could be "The Wolf who cried serial killer" post your additional comments here. What do you think?


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    I think it might be true,I also thought about that.Maybe in the end the real killer will try to incriminate you so that everyone believes that it is you who did it.And we already know that every fable hates or fears Bigby so I'm guessing he would have a hard time defending himself against these accusations.And the fact that you are offered a choice to be either mean or nice with the fables you meet (Toad,Colin....) means that they will either help you or let you down when you'll be in need of help according to the choices you made.I really think that in the end the people you have been nice to will defend you and those that you offended won't.
    It reminds me of the end of TWD when you see who comes with you and who doesn't.One thing seems pretty sure to me,the killer,who's obviously a fable,knows what people think of Bigby and he will use it against him.That's why I chose to be nice with everyone on my first playthrough.For all these reasons I think that it would make sense if the killer was really the boy who cried wolf,the irony would be perfect!

  • I know right! It would be perfect. I am always nice to everyone even in TWD because it leads me to good sequences. But i hate when they make you choose a side like Beatuy Or beast jaja. Telltale your awesome!

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