I hope we'll be able to use Bigby's wind powers..

I'm on issue 16 of the fables comics, and Bigby's wind powers are badass. Blowind down much of a forest. I hope Telltale will let us use those powers just once.


  • He does that in a forest because there are no mundy witnesses ; in the city it's another thing, can't take the risk to expose the truth about Fables.
    Maybe in an extreme situation, far from mundy eyes...

  • Episode 4 sounds like it could be a flashback episode, so maybe he can use them to blow down Colin's house or something?

  • Well, he did use his wind powers in the middle of the city in an emergency. I too would love to use my wind powers in a QTE at the end of the series. Maybe far away in the forest or something. Who knows?

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