• Yes, I noticed that too. I think the mirror shows things in real time. Remember how when you ask about the Woodsman the mirror answers "what you see is complete. The Woodsman stumbles down a street." Basically, it seems to act like a window. It shows what is. So, yes, there is a pretty big discrepancy there with what you see in the mirror and what you find in the apartment.

    There is a ton of stuff that just doesn't seem right in the apartment in general.

  • I may be stupid, but what am I missing? You mean the gun? wasn't it located more to the left outside of the frame?

    • Ugh, you know what? At first I thought he didn't have a gunshot wound in his chest, (which would have been a big deal) but the shadow just made it look weird. Pretty sure it's there. There's still a ton of stuff that isn't right in that apartment, though. Anyway, yes, I think it's real time. What was it that you saw OP?

    • Yes, it has to do with the gun among other things. But what you say is true, the gun may be located more to the left outside of the frame.

  • That Spooked The Crap Out Of Me.

  • The placement of the knife is different. It's even mentioned by Bigby when investigating.

    • I don't know. It must be the camera angle. If the scene was altered, it must have been made by Dee. Wich also explains the blood on his shirt. (If you went to Toad's first). Lawrence appears lying on the ground. Dee was looking for something. This suggest that he throw the body down to the floor. On the other hand, If you went to Lawrence's first Dee still has no blood on his shirt until The Trip Trap Bar. This can be easily interpretated: Dee turned back to keep looking.

  • Because Faith have cleaned blood. When Lawrence dies and you ask him who did this to him he clearly answers - Faith!

    • Actually he says Faith in his dying breath as if he wants to see her before he dies. Are you sure you want me to tell you exactly what happens when a fable dies? You would be very disappointed.

  • "Mirror Mirror, on my cue.
    Tell me the release date for Episode 2"

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

  • Speaking of Laurence, I want to know what is wrong with him that Faith has to turn to prostitution to support him. He's young and able-bodied. Why couldnt he work? Im sure as a prince he was used to a certain lifestyle but if Faith could get over that, so could he. I just dont understand what happened to that family.

  • I must just throw this out there...... I am wondering if the beheaded are actually dead..... The mirror talks about how he cannot show you, his lips are sealed... yet when you ask about the dead king.... hmmmmmmm ;)

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