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The Wolf Among EP1-EP3 Soundtrack on Youtube

posted by Maximus123458 on - last edited - Viewed by 22.7K users

Hey guys, so i'm here again. Last year i uploaded nearly the entire library of The Walking Dead music on my youtube channel, and The Wolf Among Us recently got me hooked, so i'm gonna be doing the same thing to this game!

The way this is gonna work is quite similar. I finished uploading the soundtrack from the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, and i'm gonna be continuing to upload music as episodes will come. The "[EP1]" that's in the video titles stands for the episode the music plays in. I'm gonna be updating (Or bumping, depends on the activity this thread'll receive) this thread whenever i'll get access to more music from the game, and hopefully everything's gonna be dandy.

With all that said, here are the links to the playlists and download links!

Every song from all episodes -

Episode 1 Music -
Episode 2 Music -
Episode 3 Music -

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