• Thats not a bad theory,its possible that we will see her if not in this episode,maybe in upcoming episodes

  • Haven't read the comics, but I'm pretty sure Rose Red will appear. One of the upcoming trophies is called 'Sisters'.

  • I'm also guessing we'll see Rose at some point. If you check the book of fables there are a ton of entries left. I think it only makes sense that Rose would appear. She is Snow's only relative, after all.

  • If Rose Red shows up, I hope Jack shows up with her too. This is, after all, probably when they were together.

  • Im sure Rose Red will show up but her and Snow White had been pretty estranged. I dont know about the blazing with anger part.

  • I have to say that the characters I would like to see the most are Boy Blue and Flycatcher.But it wouldn't make sense if they just appeared to say "hi!" and were not involved in anyway in the story.So if telltale includes these characters in future episodes they will have to be important to the story and to the investigation.

  • I have a feeling Bigby will talk to Rose Red quite quickly. He has to talk to Rose Red. What if Rose Red tells Bigby she saw Holly's sister? That would explain the achievement and Rose Red.

  • I would love to see Prince Charming at some point this season, even though he is probably in Europe. It wouldn't be out of character for him to come back after hearing such terrible news about an ex-wife.

  • I really would like to see Rose Red show up in the game, I have some doubts of her showing up looking to avenge Snow. Just because this game is the prequel, Rose and Snow would still be on fighting terms and if Rose is introduced she would be romantically linked to Bluebeard.
    If thats how she is introduced, maybe she will give Bluebeard an alibi.
    But at the same time Rose might be helping Bigby solve her sister's murder, for her own reasons: first ironically to get away from Bluebeard, second just as in Fables when Snow thought Rose was dead, Rose cares about finding out what happened to her sister (maybe trying to conceal her feelings more).
    I really want Rose Red to show up in the game, particularly to see her character interact with Boy Blue or Jack

    • Rose Red wouldn't be with Bluebeard, but Jack. Rose Red was with Bluebeard only less than a year in issue 1. Crane was fired 10 years before the events of issue 1. I think Bigby and Rose will work on the case like Snow and Bigby worked the other way around from issues 1-5.

  • My memory of the first arc is a little foggy right now, but do we know for how long Rose Red had been dating Jack? Is she with him at this point in the storyline?

    I agree that she should show up and be angry at her sister's death.

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