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We need some distraction! How do you bridge the time until season 2?

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We are all desperate for season 2 to be released, but unfortunately we still have to excercise ourselves in patience.

What are your videogame or activity recommendations so time can fly until we finally get new adventures of TWD served up on a plate?

  • I am looking forward to play "Beyond Two Souls" - have you finished it, yet, and if so, is the end as dissapointing, as "Heavy Rain"?

    • Played Beyond: Two Souls, mainly because I loved Heavy Rain. Also Ellen Page.

      Uh, what didn't you like about the end of Heavy Rain? Is it that whole "choices don't matter towards the ending" problem? If so, I wouldn't recommend getting Beyond: Two Souls. It has even less seg-ways that affect the ending than Heavy Rain. Hell, you CHOOSE your ending in Beyond: Two Souls. Nevertheless, I still really enjoyed it.

    • I haven't played Beyond Two Souls, but I watched it on youtube. It is probably one of the best games I've seen this year, and I actually really liked Heavy Rain as well. I'm not sure what your preference of games is, since everyone has different opinions, but my favorite games that I've seen that were released recently are Beyond Two Souls and The Last of Us. You could still go and find some free downloadable games, those usually keep me busy for a while

      • I am into different kinds of games, mostly adventures, "choices do matter" kind of games or cinematic games with depth and an interesting plot. Playing a lot, no specific genres. My favorite games are e.g. Portal (I <3 GLaDOS), Catherine, Monkey Island games, Broken Sword series, ZombieU, Kingdom Hearts, Journey, Limbo, anything Telltale and Daedalic. What I don't like: classical shooter games - I just can't shoot, that damn reticle really drives me nuts. There are some really good shooters out there, e.g. Bioshock or Mass Effect, they have a good storyline, I prefer to watch someone else play it.

        • They aren't for everybody but since you did mention liking cinematic games with interesting plots and mentioned Kingdom Hearts as a game that you like, you might try looking into some jRPGs/action RPGs that are out there. Atlus, the company that made Catherine, is well-known for their Persona games. There's also any number of "Tales" games that you might play. Dark Cloud 2/ Dark Chronicle. Then there's games like Okami that are less RPG-like but still have a pretty interesting story (and also really cool art). Of course, there's always Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest but those have more dated turn-base battle systems that may not be to your taste.

          EDIT: Also Shadow of the Collosus and ICO.

          • I loved Final Fantasy VIi, VIII and X, after these I quit playing the series. I tried some chapters of XII and XIII but the stories lacked emotional depth and good twists IMO. Thanks for your recommendations. I gonna give shadow of the collossus and ICO a try, as I've heard they got good critiques. A friend recommended Pikmin 3 and is even willing to borrow it - think I got a plan for this weekend ;)

    • To bridge the time, I usually just go outside and do long trips and visit siblings, and I also play The Wolf among us while waiting.

      If you don't already have TWAU I would recommend getting it, definitely.

  • I recommend State of Decay, probably the best zombie survival game so far.

  • I still need to finish season 1 and 400 days on the PC. I need to do it tonight, in case the proverbial snowball's chance in hell scenario that season 2 comes out tommorow.

  • I've started playing through Season 1 again, choosing different options for the less important dialogues. Had a lot of fun seeing the different reactions... did you know that by choosing silence when you first speak to Clementine on the walkie-talkie leads to her getting worried that you might have left her? It's adorable and sad.

  • It's not a zombie game, but I like the Sims 3.

  • I enjoyed the last of us a lot.

    Another kick ass game I enjoyed this year was Tomb Raider. I grew up with the ps1 tomb raider games but the latest one the put out was amazing.

  • It's not really a distraction rrom S2, but I recommend the youtube channel by "theturningdead" - he makes tons of TWD season 2 prediction videos and analyzes the TWD universe, here's one of his latests:

    Alt text

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Hehe, I kill time every day by taking long walks. Since I found The Walking Dead I lost amusement in other games. Right now play The Wolf Among Us while waiting for a official release date. When we get one I will start re-playing the first season of The Walking Dead to get my choices straight. I just hope it's very soon, this eternal wait is unbearable.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Although not everyone here likes Wolf Among Us, the gameplay is similar enough to Walking Dead to count as something to pass time to me.

    If you don't like Wolf Among Us, you could also replay Season 1 and/or 400 Days. I initially finished Season 1 on PC, but replayed it on iOS with different choices. Watching videos of 400 Days can also pass time, which is great in short doses.

  • I heard something called "sleeping" is a very good time killer. Gonna give it a try!

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