How many people left him alone?



  • You're Welcome! :D I wasn't trying to be too direct, and was referring to everyone. I'm glad you acknowledged it and are willing to work on it though! I forgot what a good forum was long ago. I'm glad this is a place where only the minority of people are mean.

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    I didn't see the point of ripping Gren's Arm off. For me,that option didn't make much sense, seeing how Bigby actually wants to get the community to like him and show how he has changed, as stated in his character Bios. Then again, I am a little too kind-hearted when it comes to situations like these. If possible,I would have tried to avoid the fight with him altogether.

    I also gave Holly the money for the drink and treated the Woodsman with respect (i.E. not [glassing him]). For what it's worth, I think these were the best decisions in that situation, seeing how these guys will probably become allies because of it,somewhere along the way, in some form or another.


  • Completely agree with you. I feel as if the fight was enough for Bigby to get out his revenge. It seems to me that the arm choice was just a 'badass' scene written in for the sole purpose to gain the player's affection towards Bigby. Not a big fan of this choice.

    I don't know, maybe this choice will somehow matter in the long run of things.

  • I didn't rip his arm off on my first playthrough. It's obvious he's regretted pissing Bigby off and Gren was kind of obstructing Bigby in his search for the Woodsman, a potential suspect. It doesn't mean Bigby should rip his bloody arm off! If he can still control his wolfish nature at that point then he needed to show them that he had the strength to walk away and show mercy.
    He's there to protect the Fables and Gren, being an individual sick and tired of a corrupt system, which Bibgy damn well knows, doesn't justify amputation.

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    I can imagine,that it will matter greatly in the upcoming events,after all,it even states before the game starts:
    Alt text
    I'm so looking forward to Episode 2. :D

  • Bigby is still a wolf at heart and he's fighting against his worst nature. I think that option was meant to show that sometimes he slips. I dont think it was just to make the players like Bigby more lol.

  • And you get a Book of Fables entry called Bigby's Revenge.

  • Yeah, that's the only reason I did it. Had to fill out my codex. I normally wouldn't (I avoid achievements in video games when the behavior necessary violates my gaming moral code), but there's a lot of character information in these. Wouldn't want to miss out.

  • To me it seemed logical bigby would rip his arm off, the logic behind it is that the more bigby becomes a wolf, the more animalistic he becomes, unable to control his actions, working only by his primal instincts. If he didn't make bigby turn into his wolf form, i would have let him go without ripping of his arm.

  • I didn't tear his arms off, I figure the beating that Gren had was enough without going overboard. Besides, Bigby's got enough enemies and he didn't need another person on the list by tearing someone's arm off in front of two other people.

  • Yea I am sorry! But I had to rip off his arm, and if i could beat him with it. I was nice tried to get him to understand that i only want to talk. BUT NO he just couldn't leave it alone. So as i said he is lucky that is all i did to him, next time he should start a fight with someone that's not going to own him like maybe grandma lol.

  • As a previous poster said I saw no need for the extra brutality, he was subdued, anything extra in my opinion was unnecessary. Bigby already has a reputation so there was no need to prove yourself, or remind the folks in the bar what you can do. Also his trying to turn over a new leaf, and be a different person affected my decision. Just my opinion, no disrespect intended to those who chose a different approach.

  • I didn't do it on my first playthrough. During my second though, I did; even though it was bad and I felt absolutely terrible about it. I just wanted to do everything the opposite way from my first playthrough to see what happened. Still, I do feel bad about it.

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    Yep. Despite the amnesty, most animal fables, particularly non-predators, don't trust him. Has nothing to do with perceived comfort - moreso the fact that his presence would cause a Riot and potential uprising.

    Monstrousness has nothing to do with being banned from the farm. Despite the general amnesty, Bigby being allowed there would be like giving a serial killer amnesty and letting him move in next to a schoolyard. The guy can be reformed all he wants: people are still going to consider him a monster. Grendel, on the other hand, really has no bad history with any of the farm Fables.

    That being said, I'm halfway through the comic series, and still wondering why we've seen no mention of Beowulf. Maybe he was killed in the war in the homelands?

  • I tore his arm off. I see it this way. In that situation I hate my boss, and I hate the system. I even sympathize. However, I need to get to the bottom of this in order to keep everyone safe. This is about Bigby's order. I could give a rat's ass how disgruntled you are about the system. I am looking for a killer. You will cooperate or face the consequences. People do not have to say one kind word about the boss but they will listen to Bigby. Bigby cannot stress enough how unfortunate it can be if you attack him.

  • That's hilarious--I was the same way. Telltalle pretty much made this a foregone conclusion by making it the first option presented. I read that and then didn't even see anything else.

    On top of that, Bigby was wolfing out, so I thought it was a good opportunity to finally go pretty big and pretty bad.

    That said, I almost immediately started regretting it--especially once I heard him sobbing. And I got to thinking I probably stepped out of character just for the sake of seeing something crazy.

  • I left him alone. He was beaten and Bigby wants to be seen as being different than he was before. In order to do a proper investigation you will need people to trust you and be willing to open up (ripping people's arms out of the socket is not conducive to this). Its clear from the bartender that she is afraid of Bigby, so I believe anyone would think twice before trying him again. Also, if I inflicted an injury like that on him I think he would be even more likely to plot to attack me in the future (or ally with others against Bigby) than he would be now that I have shown him mercy.

  • I left him alone. I didn't see any purpose in tearing his arm off, I already kicked his ass. I'd have avoided the fight entirely if I could have, so I wanted to end it with as little violence as possible. Besides, I like Gren. He seems like a good guy to have on your side. Maybe after kicking his ass (but showing him mercy) and agreeing with him that the system is fucked, he'll start to see I'm not a bad guy.

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    I didn't rip his arm off.

    I felt that absolutely no good could come of Bigby dishing out unnecessary violence while in his wolf form. The fable community is already against him based on his troubled past - ripping off arms might be seen as a return to form, and it seems to me that'd only make his future dealings with fables more difficult... Maybe even obstructing the investigation.

    In my game I ended up starting the fight by punching Gren. I did it because 1) Bigby was clear-headed 2) it was justified because Gren disrespected Snow, whose only crime is being forced by Crane to treat fables beyond the Woodlands as second-class citizens, and 3) he's an asshole and clearly wasn't about to let me off without a fight anyway. After that I fought him only to the point where he was subdued, both because the Woodsman asked for it and because ripping his arm off didn't meet my standards for justified violence.

    Overall I'm really happy with my choice, because it netted me one of my favourite exchanges in all of gaming:

    Bigby: "He started it."

    Woodsman: "You hit him first!"

    Bigby: "He was being an asshole."

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    I ripped it off on one of my playthroughs just to get that trophy for fables, etc.. wolf's vengeance.. My main playthrough I'm doing I chose mercy though.. Which also gives you the fable wolf's mercy for that trophy, lol.

  • and to remind fables that you have not changed a bit

  • of course I didn't. It was just a fight and he was just a mad guy that does not give me the reason to cut off his arm. I broke his leg and I beat him off during the fight and also I have a reputation that I want to change I don't want the fables to be scared of me. also I think he can be useful later he's just mad at system not at me.

  • I left his arm alone on my first playthrough purely because Bigby is trying to change and I always play the nice guy. I did go back on a 2nd through and did all the alternate choices purely to see the differences and get the missing entry.

  • I think ripping his arm off is a little extreme, but I did it on my second playthrough.

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    I didn't. My Bigby strives to prove himself above the old Big Bad Wolf. He's a lawman now, and despite Grendel being an obnoxious ass, I sympathize and agree with him. The fight was done, having Bigby go psycho is just playing to everything he's trying to repair. Collin even says it outright: "People are afraid of you".

    I only wish Telltale gave me the option of actually explaining the situation to Grendal, or even agreeing with him and offering to help Holly. The fight seemed forced to me.

  • Doing either at least once, gets you two of the last Book of Fables entries needed for the achievement. Bigby's Vengeance, and Bigby's Mercy.

    I made a second save file, ripped it off. Then deleted the save.

  • In all honesty, the many times I played the same episode over and over again I had never ripped off his arm. Of course this got rather frustrating considering I was just trying to get that final Fable entry. Eventually I did go ahead and give it a go and then that final entry got in. I was like wow, I had to live up to the BBW name to get that final piece of the puzzle. I personally was in awe as the BBW came out of Bigby and he began whooping Gren's behind like he stole something. I felt so defeated when that one hit landed on me and seemed like the punishment was never stopping. I truly thought I was done for until those claws grew. I got the biggest smile on my face during that part. In my mind I was like "You've done it now!"

    Though I was leaving him alone in the first place, sometimes you do have to send a message to those who dare to trifle with you. Personally, after I ripped his arm off, I still paid for my drink. The Woodsman KNEW that Gren was in trouble too when the change happened. It was simply a message of, "we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the nasty way". But sometimes when people simply don't get the message, you have to make a huge impact. Sometimes people won't let up until they push you too far. Though this is just a game, it has a sincere feel of reality to it. So I say if you can, just walk away. If someone purposely makes it a point to block your path, then it may be time for you to move them on your own.

  • Well I've been going out of my way to make my canon Bigby an asshole (to everyone but Colin, that is), so it fit perfectly with him.

  • I went with my instincts on the last two decisions in the game, and regret both of them. Enough where I will be playing through again to have the other options going forward.
    First, I ripped Grendals arm off, and second, went after the Woodsman.
    Everyone's face after ripping Grendals arm off made me feel awful, and it just didn't seem smart, in hindsight, to grab the woodsman instead of Dee...
    Enough to where I thought maybe the ending with Snow would be different had I not made those choices... But have later learned here that it didn't matter.

  • I kinda thought it was hilarious, ripping Gren's arm off. Like how over the top it is compared to the walking dead.


  • i didnt tear his arm for 1st playthriugh , as i think he may be 1 role to solve the mystery in future , and tear off his arm in front of woodsman seems may make him even not cooperate with bigby for future . but 2nd playthrough i did , to unlock book of fables >.< woodman seems shocked . and the way bigby treated him its too rude >.<

  • I felt the need that I had to go the extra I tear it right off! I feel a bit bad, but uh., he can always re-stitch...again.

  • It's always different every time I play. On one hand, I do think it sends a bad message of how bad tempered I am. On the other hand, I like living up to myths and stories and in Beowulf, Grendel pays a limb for his crimes. I won't really have a final decision until the next chapter is finally released.

  • I know! Nothing feels worse than having a guy who beats women call you a "monster", and then realizing that yeah, you're actually worse.

  • I tore the arm off. It looked really cool and felt satisfying though I immediately regretted it as it seems like the kind of thing people would hold against Bigby.

  • I did rip his arm off. At the moment, I was pissed at him, and I was going to make an example out of him that nobody messes with the Big Bad Wolf. Afterwards, however, I came to regret my decision, all it did was scare people when it was obvious he had lost the fight and show that I am still a monster.

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