• Yeah, I had already proven my point so I saw no real reason to, especially as a sheriff. He wanted a fight, and he got a sound beating for it, but like others say, his real gripe was with an admittedly flawed system which wouldn't have looked any better after I went out my way to dismember him.

    Besides, it may not be the last we time we'll need to talk to Grendel and Holly either. Don't always burn your bridges.

  • I did it because i wanted to see the turnout if i made everyone fear me

  • I left him alone, no reason to tear his arm off after he was being stupid and was beaten up. If someone goes missing you don't go to the mayor but to the sheriff. Crane won't accept anyone as Snow said. Grendel called Snow a bitch so I gave him a warning. After walking away and placing a bill on Crane I told Woody who started the fight. I also tore his arm for the entry and a little satisfaction but leaving him alone was more satisfying when I put the bill for everything that happened on the a-hole Crane.

  • I didn't purely because if I did, he'd just be even more angry at the system. Showing him a bit of mercy might help open his eyes that maybe not everyone in the upper levels are all-bad

  • On my psychopathic BIgby playthrough, I cut his arm :D

  • I ripped off his arm in my first playthrough but I regret doing it.

  • I ripped his arm off the first play through, and by the time I was pressing the button over and over again to rip it off I felt terrible about it. The entire rest of the scene (until I saw Snow's head :'( that is)I felt like a monster! I immediatly replayed that last scene and decided not to. I also felt like that would come back to haunt me in a later episode

  • I left Gren alone. I might need his help later and I didn't want anymore bad blood between Bigby and the Woodsman.

  • Wolf Among Us channelled my profs voice "if you had a choice would you rip off Grendel's arm?"
    ... I ending up leaving his arm attached, surely one good deed is going to help Bigby out

  • On the save file I will continue with, I chose mercy and wasn't conflicted about it. But, to get the last book and trophy I immediately replayed the last bit and took the vengeance option. Even though I spoke the same way to Holly after each ending, there was a definite eerie quality to trying to be friendly after such a violent display. It truly felt monstrous.

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