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How many people left him alone?



  • I left him alone, i even sympathized with him. The Broken System and all that. Heck it's even lampshaded by Snow in the cab scene (and the interactions with Crane [He's a dick].

    And ripping his arm off is fucking excessive. All he did was insult some people and tell that the truth (and be a dick). He's got a his eye gouged out, his throat clawed out, a pole through his shoulder and a broken knee.

    I don't need to make his life miserable just because he protected his friends.

  • I left him alone for two reasons.

    A: He was a jerk, no doubt about. No point in destroying him more. He got the message across.

    B: If you do rip his arm off. You notice it says "They will not forget" better not make choices, that could come back to haunt me.

  • As soon as I was done beating him up, There were 2 options... I've read the first one " Walk away" and second as soon as I saw the word Rip... I just picked it :D He deserved it When he messed with God of Wolves, He has to be punished, and suffer with having only 1 hand for the rest of his damn life. Gren is a Bitch

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    I left him alone. He was incapacitated at that point and harming him further would have been unnecessary and cruel.

  • I guess it was one of the moments where i really felt like "the big bad wolf". I usually don't fall for moments like these, but as someone above stated, when you see the option "tear off his arm" you just can't control yourself. Although, this might come to bite you in the ass later on in the game.

  • I am playing as I might if I were in that scenario myself. I could never bring myself to be so needlessly cruel, especially if I had just kicked said person's dick inside-out moments before.

  • Am I the only one who enjoyed ripping his arm off ? xD
    He was trashtalking Bigby the whole time acting like he's all that, and the fact that he put his hand on him didn't sit too well with me.
    I mean NOBODY puts his hands on the sheriff. And calling him a lapdog... Sorry but he had to be put in his place. Next time he tries to put his hand on someone he'll think twice.

    The whole situation reminds me of this scene from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn.
    George Clooney is steaming because one of the bar guys put his hand on him earlier.
    You can click the link below for the scene =P

  • I agree, but i just did it cuz i felt like such a badass, and i guess that officialy confirms me as an awful person xD.

    Jokes aside, a person starts fighting with me, consequences shall happen, he knew what he was getting into. But i still felt like he had his reasons for it, such as "the rich fucks" being the only one who recievs any sort of help, i understand him in that sort of sense.

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    I showed mercy. Mess with me once, I'll let you live. Mess with me twice, not so lucky.

  • I didn't rip his arms off because I thought that ripping them off would kill him.

  • I didn't rip his arm off on first playthrough, but I did on the second. Therapy for no episode 2 :o

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    I didn't rip his arm off either; on the first playthrough I just couldn't bring myself to do that, plus I wanted to prove everyone Bigby's not how they think. Meh, well that was screwed since I was going to pay for the drink and remembered I gave my money to Faith :/ then Holly said you weren't going to pay anyway. I gave a pat to myself on the back; way to go!/
    Still I couldn't rip Gren's arm off even on the second playthrough- but did so on the third just to see what would happen. Ugh the scene was unnerving :/ Therapy, please!!!

  • as much as i wanted, i didn't. had the consequences on the back of my mind the entire time. was a close call though. i wanted to proof that Bigby had changed. wanted him to be respected rather than feared. ( and would have been bad for my relationship with Snow White, but that dosen't matter now). though as many others, i did it in another playthrough :)

  • I didn't, mainly because he was beneath you to do so considering who you are. Someone like Gren isn't that much of a threat to Bigby, let's be honest here he was holding back the whole time as he usually does.

  • First playthrough i didn't but the 2nd time i did. to see how it influences the feeling of him toward sheriff, but it seems the reaction almost the same though. But felt bad to tear his arm off. >w<

  • I immediately socked him in the face when he called snow a b****. But I didn't tear off his arm, an I've grown to like him. Too bad he didn't show in Episode 4.

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    I sided with him the whole way through, although I obviously disagreed with him trying to kill Bigby. But yeah, he has a right to be mad and he's a cool guy and fable, so I immediately refused to tear off his arm when the option appeared.

  • I usually do one playthrough as the good guy and another as the the bad guy who is just an asshole to everyone and always looking for trouble.

  • i regretted it later on when he seemed like a decent charcter.

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