• All I ask is that you all don't persuade others to change their decision unless they want the bonuses. Reason being is that it takes away the uniqueness of the experience by swaying others in your direction. With that said I spared Gren mostly because I knew my friend would not spare him, also because I was after Woody no matter what. I wanted to facilitate his coming with me as much as possible, even when I saw Dee come in; I stuck with my guns and nabbed Woody.

    • Oh no I wasn't trying to persuade or alter anyone's choices in the scenario I was merely stating my opinion on the matter and asking out of curiosity what others chose and why.
      I apologise if it came across as "Everyone pick this!", it wasn't intended in the slightest.
      I would hate if my silly opinion made anyone else change their playthrough based purely on any of this. :(

      But thank you for the notice I will be more aware in future how I word my discussion posts so they don't sound like demanding others to alter their game. :)

      • You're Welcome! :D I wasn't trying to be too direct, and was referring to everyone. I'm glad you acknowledged it and are willing to work on it though! I forgot what a good forum was long ago. I'm glad this is a place where only the minority of people are mean.

  • I didn't see the point of ripping Gren's Arm off. For me,that option didn't make much sense, seeing how Bigby actually wants to get the community to like him and show how he has changed, as stated in his character Bios. Then again, I am a little too kind-hearted when it comes to situations like these. If possible,I would have tried to avoid the fight with him altogether.

    I also gave Holly the money for the drink and treated the Woodsman with respect (i.E. not [glassing him]). For what it's worth, I think these were the best decisions in that situation, seeing how these guys will probably become allies because of it,somewhere along the way, in some form or another.

    • Completely agree with you. I feel as if the fight was enough for Bigby to get out his revenge. It seems to me that the arm choice was just a 'badass' scene written in for the sole purpose to gain the player's affection towards Bigby. Not a big fan of this choice.

      I don't know, maybe this choice will somehow matter in the long run of things.

    • Bigby is still a wolf at heart and he's fighting against his worst nature. I think that option was meant to show that sometimes he slips. I dont think it was just to make the players like Bigby more lol.


  • I didn't rip his arm off on my first playthrough. It's obvious he's regretted pissing Bigby off and Gren was kind of obstructing Bigby in his search for the Woodsman, a potential suspect. It doesn't mean Bigby should rip his bloody arm off! If he can still control his wolfish nature at that point then he needed to show them that he had the strength to walk away and show mercy.
    He's there to protect the Fables and Gren, being an individual sick and tired of a corrupt system, which Bibgy damn well knows, doesn't justify amputation.

  • To me it seemed logical bigby would rip his arm off, the logic behind it is that the more bigby becomes a wolf, the more animalistic he becomes, unable to control his actions, working only by his primal instincts. If he didn't make bigby turn into his wolf form, i would have let him go without ripping of his arm.

  • I didn't tear his arms off, I figure the beating that Gren had was enough without going overboard. Besides, Bigby's got enough enemies and he didn't need another person on the list by tearing someone's arm off in front of two other people.

  • Yea I am sorry! But I had to rip off his arm, and if i could beat him with it. I was nice tried to get him to understand that i only want to talk. BUT NO he just couldn't leave it alone. So as i said he is lucky that is all i did to him, next time he should start a fight with someone that's not going to own him like maybe grandma lol.

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