• i didnt tear his arm for 1st playthriugh , as i think he may be 1 role to solve the mystery in future , and tear off his arm in front of woodsman seems may make him even not cooperate with bigby for future . but 2nd playthrough i did , to unlock book of fables >.< woodman seems shocked . and the way bigby treated him its too rude >.<

  • I felt the need that I had to go the extra mile...so I tear it right off! I feel a bit bad, but uh., he can always re-stitch...again.

  • It's always different every time I play. On one hand, I do think it sends a bad message of how bad tempered I am. On the other hand, I like living up to myths and stories and in Beowulf, Grendel pays a limb for his crimes. I won't really have a final decision until the next chapter is finally released.

  • I tore the arm off. It looked really cool and felt satisfying though I immediately regretted it as it seems like the kind of thing people would hold against Bigby.

  • I did rip his arm off. At the moment, I was pissed at him, and I was going to make an example out of him that nobody messes with the Big Bad Wolf. Afterwards, however, I came to regret my decision, all it did was scare people when it was obvious he had lost the fight and show that I am still a monster.

  • I left him alone, i even sympathized with him. The Broken System and all that. Heck it's even lampshaded by Snow in the cab scene (and the interactions with Crane [He's a dick].

    And ripping his arm off is fucking excessive. All he did was insult some people and tell that the truth (and be a dick). He's got a his eye gouged out, his throat clawed out, a pole through his shoulder and a broken knee.

    I don't need to make his life miserable just because he protected his friends.

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