• I agree, but i just did it cuz i felt like such a badass, and i guess that officialy confirms me as an awful person xD.

    Jokes aside, a person starts fighting with me, consequences shall happen, he knew what he was getting into. But i still felt like he had his reasons for it, such as "the rich fucks" being the only one who recievs any sort of help, i understand him in that sort of sense.

  • I showed mercy. Mess with me once, I'll let you live. Mess with me twice, not so lucky.

  • I didn't rip his arms off because I thought that ripping them off would kill him.

  • I didn't rip his arm off on first playthrough, but I did on the second. Therapy for no episode 2 :o

  • I didn't rip his arm off either; on the first playthrough I just couldn't bring myself to do that, plus I wanted to prove everyone Bigby's not how they think. Meh, well that was screwed since I was going to pay for the drink and remembered I gave my money to Faith :/ then Holly said you weren't going to pay anyway. I gave a pat to myself on the back; way to go!/
    Still I couldn't rip Gren's arm off even on the second playthrough- but did so on the third just to see what would happen. Ugh the scene was unnerving :/ Therapy, please!!!

  • as much as i wanted, i didn't. had the consequences on the back of my mind the entire time. was a close call though. i wanted to proof that Bigby had changed. wanted him to be respected rather than feared. ( and would have been bad for my relationship with Snow White, but that dosen't matter now). though as many others, i did it in another playthrough :)

  • I didn't, mainly because he was beneath you to do so considering who you are. Someone like Gren isn't that much of a threat to Bigby, let's be honest here he was holding back the whole time as he usually does.

  • First playthrough i didn't but the 2nd time i did. to see how it influences the feeling of him toward sheriff, but it seems the reaction almost the same though. But felt bad to tear his arm off. >w<

  • I usually do one playthrough as the good guy and another as the the bad guy who is just an asshole to everyone and always looking for trouble.

  • i regretted it later on when he seemed like a decent charcter.

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