Tales of Monkey Island

I bought all five Chapters of Tales of Monkey Island from Amazon in February 2013, made it through the first three and now, after installing Chapter 4, I get a message offering me 30 minutes of free playing time or I can buy it (which I already did.) A link named "Already Bought It?" hangs and a "Troubleshoot" link takes me to a page not found message on the Amazon site. I complained to them and they sent me to Telltale with the following message:

"To troubleshoot the issue you're facing, I request you to contact DVG Telltale, the publisher of "Tales of Monkey Island Bundle." They'll be in the best position to assist you with this matter. I've provided their contact information below:
Website: http://www.telltalegames.com/support/
Please understand that the developer will have the required tools to help resolve the issue you are facing at the earliest."

I suspect this is a brush-off, but please advise.

Rich La Bonte

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