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Weee! Clementine is our protagonist!

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I was hoping it would be true, and it is indeed. Any potential replacement for Lee would have felt pretty weak.

The whole point of the end of Season 1 was precisely leading to this: Clem is strong and Clem is smart. She can take care of herself.

  • Look at the steam photos?..could that be Kenny?

    • I would be very surprised if it were the case, but it's hard to tell from that angle.

      In any case, damn but Clementine looks older. And like she's been out in the sun a lot. I would guess the last fews month have been pretty damn hard.

    • I highly doubt it'll be Kenny. To me it seemed pretty clear what Kenny's fate was, but then again Telltale could surprise us. I think it's more likely to be Nate from 400 Days, but even more likely it'll be a stranger, with how standoffish Clem looks.

    • If it is Kenny, he took a cue from Clementine and "kept his hair short" by cutting off most of his mullet. And if it was Kenny, I doubt that Clem would look suspicious around him (she knows how much Kenny cares about children, and was on good terms with him while they where In a group.

      • Assuming that's Kenny in the photo, Clem could be regarding him suspiciously because he's half-crazed. After losing his family and almost being eaten alive, I'd be surprised if Kenny wasn't a Maybe Clem is overjoyed upon seeing one other survivor besides herself from S1, only to find out Kenny's missing a few of his marbles, hence the look on her face.

        Then again, it could be a different character altogether.

  • My greatest fear as become true. Why did you do this to me Telletale? Why? I loved Clem, but I don't think I'll enjoy playing as a pre-teenaged girl, no matter how cool and sweet she was/sill is.

    • The entire point of the first season was Lee protecting Clementine and eventually teaching her how to survive. Those lessons will now bear fruit in how we play Season 2.

      Having anyone else as the protagonist, especially some random new guy, would make just about zero sense. And frankly, after all she's seen and done, I'm not sure Clem really counts as a pre-teenaged girl in terms of maturity. She's had to grow up pretty damn fast.

      • I don't know. Maybe we could have played as one of the 400 Days protagonists? But I think season 1 would have had a bigger impact if we saw how Clem evolved with Lee's teachings as a NPC, not someone we can control.

        • I agree completely, I'd rather we play as Omid, Molly, or someone who knew Clem before. It just doesn't feel right to play her, regardless of how much I loved her.

    • Yeah, Kaserkin. I'm going to have to side with you on this. While I love Clem, it would be a little confusing and awkward, considering how limited her dialogue options would be, as well as the inevitable GAME OVER. YOU ARE DEAD. scenes that will come up. If I cringed during Clem's non-canon death in episode 3, I wouldn't be a fan of the Game Over screens in season two. Lee's were amusing, though.

      However, I'm going to give the season the benefit of the doubt and play through the first episode to see how it'll be.

      • Lee's were just hilarious. Especially in Episode 5 when you fail to make the jump from the bell tower. LOL.

      • Yeah. I talked a bout this a long time back when people were questioning Season 2's player character. I made the argument that it had to be someone new, since characters we knew were influenced by our decisions, and that Clementine is still just a child, who still needs help deciding between right and wrong. Even if we make the decisions, I feel like some might be just too extreme for a 9-11 year old girl to comprehend and therefore, less realistic.

  • Called it. I'm a bit worried though how some things will play out since she's the protagonist.

  • The whole point of the end of Season 1 was precisely leading to this: Clem is strong and Clem is smart. She can take care of herself.

    That's the point why I don't like the idea of playing as Clem. "She can "take caring of herself" but now she's even more dependent on the player than in the first season. We build her personality (sort of) with our decisions and what we said to her. And now we can make her do what ever we want, without regard of what we taught her in the first season? I was looking forward towards seeing how Clementine's character turned out after all that happened, and now it's the player's character - so mine and not Clementine's

    My initial response is worrying how this will work out. We'll see...

  • I am so happy, this looks like something totally new, which is good! I love you, Telltale!!

  • For some of us, this is the best news imaginable. I <3 telltale.

  • I'm super excited! Seeing the screenshot of Clem looking at the picture of Lee broke my heart.

  • Hmm. Not the decision i would have made. Would much rather have seen Clem as a supporting character to give your last words as Lee some meaning, so i'm a little underwhelmed.

    Still, i'll give it a chance.

  • I must admit that I'm a bit worried about their protagonist choice, just because now I feel like everything Lee taught her won't really add up to anything, if we can just control her and make her say what we want...Oh well, I'm sure it'll be great either way.

  • How many games have a pre-teen girl as the protagonist?!
    This is great! :D

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