Internationals Shipping Costs and Steam Key

Hello everyone.
I want to buy the Walking Dead Season 2 but I have no idea how much the shipping costs would be to Germany since you get this "free" DVD with the pre-order? And by the way: do I have to get that DVD or can I also just buy the game without paying the shipping costs? And one last question: Will I receive a Steam key when I buy the game here or is it just a download without a key?



  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator

    Buying through the store here entitles you to the Collector's DVD, but it's completely optional. It's a separate order you can place later on. You can download the episodes from the My Games section on this website as soon as they are released.
    I don't know the exact shipping costs for the DVD, but last time I ordered to Germany they were about 10-15$.
    The purchase does not come with a Steam key.

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