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Things Confirmed from the REDDIT Discussion

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If you're not aware, Dan Conners & Kevin Bruner are on REDDIT right now answering questions. So I'm going to be posting things that they say here, focusing mostly on the TWD stuff.

I'll try and update this post as best I can with the latest news, so keep your eyes open!

Things confirmed:

  • You will be playing as Clementine.
  • There will be characters from Season 1 returning for Season 2, including characters from 400 Days (they didn't say which ones though).
  • TWD S2 will be on the PS3, XBox360 and Vita. (Not from the REDDIT, but worth mentioning anyway)
  • TTG titles will be on the PS4/XBone, but not at launch.
  • "We've announced Ouya, so we are working on at least one Android platform. I'd expect to see more in the future."
  • THERE IS NO OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE YET. But there'll be one soon.
  • The team knows where the story is going, but only write the scripts and stuff as the games come out. "Right now we're working on Wolf Ep 3 and 4 and WD Ep1 and 2."
  • The game IS NOT CANON with either the comic or the TV show.
  • There will be more story branching in Season 2.
  • Season 2 will launch in a separate program from Season 1 - it won't add-on to Season 1 (like 400 Days did).

And finally...

  • Telltale are working on "More amazing IP which we'll be announcing very soon!"
    (This means they'll be working on a different franchise)
  • "I think you'll see some original stuff from Telltale in the future, but it'll be stuff co-created with our partners (kind of like Puzzle Agent)"

And as for what they'll be doing after TWD? The only hint we've been given is "Comics and TV/Books".

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    TheDuck BANNED

    Someone ask if it's going to be on the Vita at launch!D :

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    We've got some IP coming up that pretty much checks all of my personal favorites, which absolutely amazes/honors me.

    Worm the new IP out of them. Puh-lease.

  • There will be characters from Season 1 returning for Season 2 (they didn't say which ones though)

    there you go . kenny confirmed

    • They already said elsewhere that "Kenny's fate will be explored".

      Take that for what you will.

    • As much as I hope Kenny does return, that technically didn't CONFIRM it. Characters from season 1 they're more hinting about Christa and Omid. And this goes without saying (even though I'm saying it now and I don't know why), Clementine. Still, I hope Kenny returns just as much as you do.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Kevin Bruner quote:

    With submissions on multiple platforms it's difficult to lock down the exact date (since it's not entirely under our control). But I can say we are very close to submitting, and it's usually not too long after that!

    Doesn't mean that much, but it SOUNDS like they'll submit in the next two weeks - that would point towards an actual late November/early December release for the first episode.

    Kevin again:

    Telltale will be on the new consoles, but we won't have any games on the them at launch. So hang on to your 360/PS3 for just a little while longer!

    Very important quote for some people in here who feared Telltale would just up and jump to PS4. This essentially is a confirmation that was lacking even from the teaser trailer.


    We call it "tailored narrative" because we're not all that into branching as a story telling device, but you will see more branching in Season 2. It's always been our philosophy to make choices feel important as opposed to being merely mechanically important. I think of a Telltale game more as a "role playing" game than a "choose your own adventure", though there is obviously lots of choosing!

    Awww damn, I hate that word in gaming, "role playing". There is no role playing with a machine. Role playing is pretend, role playing is acting, and as such needs an audience. Role playing means acting out in voice, gesture and deed, none of which a computer game can interpret and react to even in the vicinity of satisfactorily. :(

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    TheDuck BANNED

    I'm still more worried about the Vita release, but I'm glad to hear about more branching.

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    TheDuck BANNED

    That's not the issue. I've no doubt it will be released for Vita. Like I said, I want to know if it will be released for the Vita at launch.

    • The answer then will probably be 'no'.

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        TheDuck BANNED

        I'm hoping to get a confirmation either way. It's going to suck to get all excited, especially once we get an actual release date, only to have them kind of yank it away from those of us playing Vita. So, I hope someone will ask while we have the chance.

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      puzzlebox Telltale Staff

      The Walking Dead: Season Two will definitely be on Vita! We're still working on the finer details of release dates, so stay tuned for more info on that front.

  • This is not about this but i have season one from Telltale Shop and 400 days if i buy season 2 in steam will all my choise go over there?


    • Some of your choices will be carried over, yes. We don't know which ones though.

    • I'm a bit curious on this too, except the opposite way. I have season 1 and 400 Days on Steam and would like to buy Season 2 from Telltale but also wonder about the saves and if they will work together. Hope you get an answer soon!

      • I believe - though I could be wrong! - that the TTG and Steam versions of the game should use the same savegame.

        • Thanks! I figure it would but having someone else say it makes me feel a bit better. I know you could be wrong but worse comes to worse, I guess I will buy it again! :)

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          I believe they were stored in different places on the computer though. Get DjNDB in here, if anyone knows, it's him...

          • I saw my Steam version (Win 7) saves it here: C:\Users\my awesome name\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead where I believe the TT version saves it in the MyGames\Telltale one. So many saves though! :O

        • Quick question How likely is it that Telltale might give Steam keys out to those who preorder TWD Season 2 from Telltale like (I'm pretty sure they did) with TWAU?

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            Blind Sniper Moderator

            Telltale does not do so by default unless they have problems launching the season premiere of the game on their own site while Steam users get it earlier. It's mostly a courtesy.

            • Took the words right out of my mouth. Well, not literally, that'd be kinda weird, but... :p

              Yeah, if you buy the game from Telltale, you only get the game from Telltale unless something goes wrong with the launch, in which case they MAY give out Steam keys as way of an apology. It's not standard practice to do so though, so don't expect to automatically get one.

              Disclaimer: Moderators on this forum are volunteers from the community and are not employees of the company. Our posts merely express our personal opinion and should not be mistaken for official company statements.

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            Vainamoinen Moderator

            Hope I'm not breaking into a hornet's nest here, but for the sake of the Telltale Store and its individual offers, I personally hope this unprovoked rain of Steam keys won't repeat. Steam keys for Steam customers, Telltale build and Season DVD for Telltale customers. That's the kind of diversification we need here...

  • how can you have it canon in the comic AND tv series?
    sorry but NO. Telltale can't be this stupid right?
    The TV show is vastly different than the comic series. AND much more terrible. If its canon to the TV series it destroy's all canonicity it had too the comic series. You can't have both. Unless you meant to tell me, two groups of the same people who look the exact same traveled the exact same way and stayed in the exact same places without ever meeting their clones?
    No. Just No. Telltale. don't be THIS stupid. Please.

    • Allow me to quote from the session:

      Q: Any chance of the next season of TWD game intersecting with storylines in the comic or TV show?

      Also will we see other returning characters besides, of course, Clem?

      A: Well the game will be in canon and we are always looking for ways to connect to the Comic and Show but haven't found the right fit yet. There will be season one characters in season 2 to but to say more would be a spoiler

      • They can't just "connect" it. Robert Kirkman said himself the TV show isn't canon to the comics in anyway. That's just its own thing. If Telltale do this, then the game can't be canon to the comics anymore. They only way they can do it. is making some tv show's comic counterparts. I.E what Daryl would be like in the comic universe. Since Kirkman said he wasnt prepared to do that yet. That's the only way.

        No way are you gonna pull of connecting the two without losing canonicity.

        • I would GUESS it'd be based on the comic rather than the show, if that's the case.

          • I'd be absoutley fine with tv show comic counterparts. But not them mixing INTO the TV show. Cause then it's just canon to the TV show and nothing else.

            on the other hand. I'd be fine with Telltale game tv show counterparts but no the EXACT character.
            if they pop up on the tv show I'd like Lee to be alive, everyone needs more Lee :P

      • I didn't want ANY comic or TV show references/characters to show up in S2. Hopefully Dan's quote clarifies this for the moment.

      • I think Lilly is going to make a reappearance. Whatever option you choose for her doesn't lead to her death, and even if you leave her in the woods it wouldn't take much for her to outrun the walker and find the abandoned RV.

        If you abandon her, Clem finds her in S2, Lilly says something like "if that asshole Lee hadn't lef-" and is immediately shot.

        If you trust her and she steals the RV, Clem finds her in S2, Lilly says something like "ha that idiot Lee let me stea-" and is immediately shot.

        I just wanna shoot Lilly.

  • What is IP? Surely it doesn't mean IP address right?

  • I am curious... Is this the news that they promised us yesterday ?

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