• The guy in the chair could also be Glenn, he looks a lot like him. Glenn also had the hat.

  • Glenn is a comic book character, so he's out. Many people wear hats/caps. The back pack guy is very likely to be zombie bait.

  • Guy with Clementine is either Nate or Kenny

  • the picture she has of Lee could have just been with her since season 1 and we just didn't know about it, but it makes me think that it will actually be set in macon or near macon because it has to tie into season 1 and 400 days, so maybe she goes back to the pharmacy

  • you guys think there may be some crossover with the TV Show if Clem goes back to Macon and Michonne wanting to go there?

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    well i dont think saying it looks like glen is stupid.. he was in season 1 , and they say season 2 may have tv characters

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    Guy with a beanie hat could that be Eddie?

  • I don't know where do you see Kenny or Glen...
    These people are new characters, people from hill at the end of season 1. Somebody took care of Clementine, she has new purple shirt. That's talking with sense, don't create cosmic theories.

  • If that is Kenny in the concept art, i'll be very dissapointed with TT. It would greatly cheapen his story.

    Maybe the picture with the new character just has Eddie cut out of it. maybe Eddie met him along the way? I have a feeling that the 400 days characters we played with wont be in season 2 for the most part. I think It will probably be the NPC's from 400 days that we will see in season 2 if i'm right about the Eddie thing.

    Clem probably pulled the ripped picture of Lee (the part of the pic showing Lee that he ripped out of the original picture) out of Lee's pocket after she did what she did at the end of episode 5.

  • Since we are talking about NPC, I really hope to see Eddie and Nate, they were awesome charatchers... From my save files we can see Russel and Vince at camp or Wyatt, Bonnie and SHel in the safe area... I guess we won't see all those charatchers playable and non-playable, because there would be too many nown charatchers besides Christa and/or Omid, and aparently kenny (since everyone thinks he's alive).
    It's like I'm not hoping to see the blond girl from episode 4 that climbed walls... and I agree that we will see more NPC that playable...
    For a final point Russel talks about a group that he belonged to, I mean that could just be the writers building the charatcher backstory, but I don't know if that wasn't a hint for something, just a though.

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