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Just a quick thread to ask a few things I hope someone will clarify. :P

Alright,so,TWD Season 2 reveal,and a pre-order is available on both TTG and Steam.Very well.
Since I plan to pre-order,to avoid making any mistakes I might regret I'll just ask a few things:

1.If I decide to purchase Season 2 on Steam,will my Season 1/400 Days saves be usable? I have both Season 1,and 400 days purchased and registered here on TTG's site,with a distinct (from Steam) folder for TWD on my PC.If not,then I will just pre-order here,even though I would prefer to have Season 2 on Steam.

2.If I decide to pre-order here (TTG),will I receive a Steam key so that I can also activate it on Steam?I can guess not,however it would still be nice to know.

Thanks,and I am looking forward to Season 2!

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