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Where the comic readers at?

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Do you think that Fables consistent loyal fan base will get an energizer boost from Wolf Among Us? I've never stopped reading fables why anyone would I don't understand, but I've noticed fans are rather silent lately and I want Wolf Among Us to bring Fables back.
I've read lots of comments of people wanting to read the series now, so I'm wondering are any faithful readers of the series playing Wolf Among Us?

  • Quite a few, if going by some of the comment in the threads.

  • I've been reading them consistently over the past few years. Just caught up on the latest volume of Fairest a few weeks ago. I love the game so far. I never lost interest in the series, but playing the game has made me go back and reread some of the earlier volumes just for fun.

  • I had actually never heard of the series before this game. Playing it made me go and read the series. Just waiting on the last of the current volumes to arrive. Super excited about the Fables Encyclopedia that just came out.

  • I read the entire main series 2 weeks ago up to #134. I saw the series around before but never really got into it until Telltale revealed they were making TWAU. Not sure if that counts as a "faithful reader" but yeah I'm familiar with the story.

  • I'm been reading Fables ever since S1 of TWD ended. I'm currently on the 12th trade. Good stuff. If you haven't read this series yet, definitely take a look at the first trade!

  • My sibling and I have been reading and collecting the deluxe editions as they come out.

  • Started reading it last year or so. Caught up to all the issues including the spin offs. Its great stuff, the only parts I disliked was the Jack of Fables comic and the "Big Crossover" bullcrap.

    • I agree with you about the Crossover. I also disliked that volume. I didn't mind Jack of Fables, (thought it got a bit weird towards the end), but it was definitely not as strong as the main Fables series in my mind. And even though I was ok with Jack's series, I felt like the Crossover was just a labor to get through. I think that one can easily skip it and go straight to volume 14 without really missing anything.

      Everything else has been amazing though. I love the main series, really like the Cinderella spin-off, enjoyed Peter & Max and I absolutely love Fairest and can't wait for more. :)

    • I thought crossover was just batshit crazy.

  • Not going to lie, playing the first episode of The Wolf Among Us got me into the Fables Series as I had never heard of it! (though I'm not really big into reading comics generally speaking) I must say though that since I started I've been hooked and am currently in the middle of Vol 7!

  • I started the series when the game was announced on February 2011 but as they are expensive in France so I have been able to buy only the four first volumes (#1-#33 + The Last Castle + A Wolf in the Fold + Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall.) I may get the fifth on November though. :)

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