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Neogaf is pissed that Clem is the Protagonist in S2

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The biggest gaming forum in the world (curt chilling, garry whitta [director of after earth, book of eli], major nelson, and many other big prominent gaming figures post here] is ringing in and there's lot of displeasement over clem being the star character in s2.

Many members are stating, "it's cheaping the relationship that was created in s1"

Vinterbeard claimed, "Not super happy about them staying with the story of Clementine, but oh well."

While further madness was exalted by member Can Crusher who says, "Loved season 1. But now my hype for season 2 is dead because of Clementine, I mean really... a kid? Dead on arrival"

  • They're exaggerating.

  • Meh, never heard of the forum! :p
    And who cares what they think? Once they try it they will see it's awesome!!

    (probably xD)

  • At first, i also thought that it kinda made Season 1 useless with the relationship we had, but after a while of thinking, it's a good thing.

    1. Think about playing as Clems protector again, wouldn't it be kinda repetitive?

    2. Playing as a grown up is something that can also possibly get repetitive.

    3. Playing as a child is really interesting, and is something we really haven't seen, ever. How the world will look at you and how you will have to look at the world yourself, very interesting.

    4. This is really the only way to continue Clementines story, whilst still making it fresh and new like Season 1 was.

    And about the whole "raising Clem won't have mattered now"... i hope that our choices as Lee and how we raised Clem will affect the way it all starts, but after that, you have full control. Sure, this is probably a really low chance of happening, considering the huge success of Season 1 and that people might jump into this without Season 1, as this would probably make people not really wanna buy it, lets face it, Telltale is still a company, and still likes to make dem dollarz.

    • Agreed with everything, as I said Lee may have taught her something and she now doesn't follow it... People grow up and change... If you want her to follow what lee taught her, just make her do that...

  • You appear to be cherry-picking the hell out of that thread. It's actually a pretty mixed bag with most people just being interested but not knowing what to think. Many were actually pretty excited about playing as Clem.

    -Play as Clementine, an orphaned girl forced to grow up fast by the world around her

    Oh yiss

    Playable Clem just made this interesting. I'm in.

    I think the description of the video states that you actually will play as Clementine. In my case, that's a good thing.

    Playable Clem was really the only route they could have went with this. I am excite.

    Also Neogaf is just like any other internet forum. I see no reason to weigh the opinions of its users any more than those any other forum.

    • neogaf users aren't simply average joes.

      There educated gamers first and foremost. Secondly a good chunk of the users are famous developers, famous people, or industry insiders.

      • Anyone can sign up for Neogaf...

        And there were going to be some people unhappy about the new protagonist no matter who it turned out to be.

      • Wow... I'm so not impressed.

      • This is sounding like an increasingly half-baked Appeal to Authority.

        If you don't like the decision to make Clem the protagonist, that's fine. But no, an unspecified number of people on neogaf who may or may not be famous doesn't make you more 'right' than you ever were.

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        Vainamoinen Moderator

        neogaf users aren't simply average joes.

        Yes, they are. Where are the "famous developers, famous people or industry insiders" in the thread you linked to? Hopefully nowhere, because only the reaction of potential customers is actually relevant. So, if we consider the thread important as mostly 'regular joe' customers linger there, let's have a look at another sample of comments to balance the picture you tried to present here.

        meltingparappa wrote:

        Clem as the protagonist is pretty nice though!

        ultron87 wrote:

        So you'll play as Clementine. Interesting.

        kazebyaka wrote:

        -Play as Clementine, an orphaned girl forced to grow up fast by the world around her

        Oh yiss

        Echoenigma wrote:

        Playable Clem just made this interesting. I'm in.

        And by interesting, this could either be a good idea or a fucking horrible one. Given Telltale's previous writing efforts, I'm going to be leaning towards good idea and them not taking the easiest ways out.

        PartTimeWarrior wrote:

        I don't think anyone could fill Lee's roll, i'd rather Clem be playable than some random character

        Cess007 wrote:

        I think the description of the video states that you actually will play as Clementine. In my case, that's a good thing.

        Aussie Legend wrote:

        Playable Clem was really the only route they could have went with this. I am excite.

        BananasWithGuns wrote:

        I absolutely love the little transition from the younger Clementine to the older Clementine.

        SamuraiX wrote:

        Playing as Clementine should be fun

        FantasyFreak07 wrote:

        I'm happy that they went with Clementine and I can't wait for the first episode!

        hornulilly wrote:

        I'm seriously wondering if all the people complaining about Clementine played the same game I did. This is really the only direction they could have (and should have) gone.

        Nudull wrote:

        So glad that Clem's sticking around (and playable :D). Day 1, of course.

        Lautaro wrote:

        Playable Clem makes this day one for me. Nice.

        MD wrote:

        Called it. Knew they were gonna go down that path and I'm so glad they did.

        Tunic wrote:

        Excited to continue the story and extremely happy to play as Clem.

        shidoshi wrote:

        Having it be Clementine brings up some really interesting ideas for storytelling, and putting the player into situations they aren't often used to being in.

        GasProblem wrote:

        Yes, playable Clementine. What I wanted.

        Phamit wrote:

        I think its the right choice to take clementine as playable charakter.

        Draon1893 wrote:

        Always expected Clem to be the main character, great news.

        afternoon delight wrote:

        Personally, I cannot wait and am very glad they went with this direction.

        daveo42 wrote:

        Glad to see that Clem is the main character this time around. My feels are ready for this one.


        ...and that's just the beginning pages of that thread. So, no, "neogaf is pissed" is incorrect. I'm not sure you even linked to the right thread, was there another with actually more criticism in it?? Man, stop linking to Telltale fanboy threads! ;) ;)

        In fact, I'm thinking of changing the thread title to "NeoGaf reaction to playable Clementine overwhelmingly positive" for a more factual approach here.

      • i have played tons of games and know a lot about them, does that make me an educated gamer? if so my opinion still isn't fact, far from it so i couldn't care less about what some "famous gamers" think, as said before they are exaggerating way too much and personally i really like the idea of playing as Clem. whilst i didn't at first i thought about it and there are some really cool options available here and i have trust in telltale so honestly just because they are "professional" it doesn't make their opinions worth any more or less than anyone else's and it certainly isn't fact.

  • I love the fact that we're playing as Clementine. First we were teaching her and protecting her. Her actions were influenced by our mentality. Now we have more impact on her since we are her and all our decisions makes sense for continuing the story. She learned to act like us.

    • lee made her basass, its a story

      • If you don't play as Clementine, Telltale would have had to have a set archetype for her. Which would really piss people off even more. This is really the best thing they could do.

        "What about all our decisions we made, can't they work those into the 'archetype'?"
        Not really from a development standpoint. Best thing to do is keep you deciding. That would make all her actions canon instead of saying 'screw you and everything you taught her".

  • im sorry but anyone who writes like that is a one sided thinker and my cares of them hits 0. i'm sorta a writer myself. i applaud a new way of writing a story. anyone who makes judgment on something that they haven't even read( watched or played) is an ignorant bigot. read it watch it or play it first THEN GIVE your well written response on the subjects that you did or did not like.

  • i take that most of you guys didn't actually read the Neogaf thread, theres a fair share of both negative and good opinions just like in here.

  • She's not just some kid. She is surviving the apocalypse by herself. I don't see why there's a problem. We were handing the protagonist torch to Clem in most of S1.

  • Season 2 sounds like crap. I haven't had much faith in season 2 ever since the 400 Days garbage, and the sudden departure from telltale of the main guys behind season one.

  • Well, if Clem wasn't gonna be season 2's protagonist there would be displeasament going on over that as well. Point is, you just can't satisfy everybody.

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