The Wolf Among Us is better than the WD S1, THERE I SAID IT!

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I love the Walking Dead Season 1...loved it....but playing The Wolf Among Us made me think, damn, this first episode is better than any of the episodes in the first season.

Granted it's only 1 episode, but if the quality remains (or goes up further) than I would have to say Tell Tale would have to REALLY knock the 2nd season to top what the Wolf Among Us is doing.


  • yea TWAU is pretty good.

  • Wouldn't really agree, but yeah, TWAU is amazing.

  • We don't need that opinion.

  • Better than episode one of S1 of TWD, but I'd wait until the whole season is out before comparing the two.

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    Not a chance. As a matter of fact, I don't think I'm going to buy the rest of the episodes. Definitely not my cup of tea...

    Btw does anyone else think TTG is going to cancel TWAU, it's just not popular enough! Example: TWD Season 2 Reveal trailer: 224,153 views (released a couple of hours ago) TWAU Season Premiere trailer: 95,505 views (released 2 months ago)

  • Episode 1 of TWAU impressed me more than Episode 1 of TWD.

    But the whole season? Inferior to one episode? Hell no.

  • Nah. I liked episode 1 of TWAU and will be playing the other episodes but I still much prefer TWD and I don't think that's going to change.

  • Btw does anyone else think TTG is going to cancel TWAU, it's just not popular enough!

    No, no one thinks they gonna cancel TWAU (really? cancel? hahahaha). Even Jurassic Park didn't get cancelled. And that was bad, in TTG-standards.

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    The version IGN uploaded of TWAU trailer has 210,116 views btw.

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    Fables is better than The Walking Dead. It's only fair, in my opinion, that its game should be better.

    By the way, my first statement is not opinion, but fact. Fables has more to say than TWD. It's way more original and less stereotypical.

    PS: Hell, it even has color!
    PS2: Don't misunderstand me. I like both. One more than the other, though.

  • As opinions go its up to the player, it is two completely different worlds/themes.
    BUT I will say that if you find it better, its because of the trial and error of TWD.
    It's like saying you think your grandpa moves to slow, and your dad isn't a genius, without what came before you, you cease to exist.

  • As much as I like TWAU and the direction it's going, TWD is still one of the best games I've ever played.

  • That's rather bigoted, isn't it?

  • First off, I haven't played episode 1 of TWAU but planned to and get the whole season but I just don't think it holds a candle to The Walking Dead and what season 2 is bringing just blows it out of the water.

  • I do agree that Fables is a better comic but that is an opinion and not a fact, lol.

  • Oh, man. I know that. The game is better because is newer. Just like it happens with mostly every other somehow related game (except AC that went downhill).

    But I was talking about the sources. The comic books. That has a influence too. I mean, Fables has more registers than The Walking Dead, so the possibilities for a game are that much increased.

  • The most innovative Adventure game I've played, too.

  • twau / twd are different styles and different games on the surface..

    underneath the same adventure game heart beats away..

    but twau isn't as depressing or gut wrenching or harsh or bleak (yet),..

    but that ending of twau ep1 ? that blew twd s1 ep1 end out of the water.

  • You didn't tear off Grendel's arm did you?

  • I have always found the "Fables" world far more interesting than TWD. So I wasn't surprised that I enjoyed the first episode of TWAU more than the first episode of TWD.

  • TWAU episode 1 is better than TWD episode one But I wouldnt be so quick to assume that Episode one of TWAU is better than TWD as A whole I like both but I like TWAU and Fables more. Hell TWAU got me into the comics its based off of. cant really say the same for TWD. TWD by Telltale is Far superior to the comics which just pushed me further away from them.

  • What's that old saying about apples and oranges?
    I'll probably pick up TWAU when all the episodes are released but till then I'm just going by the trailers I've seen (which is one)
    That being said, the subject matter is too diverse to compare.

  • There's only one episode. Can't judge it completely until all episodes are released.

  • What walkingdeadfan said. And its comparing apples to oranges. TWD episode 1 had to introduce alot of people to Telltale gameplay, TWAU didn't. That being said, TWAU is minor league compared to TWD which is in the major leagues. TWD would destroy TWAU. That's why we didn't get any news about TWD until after the release of TWAU. The news would've overshadowed TWAU because TWD is sooooooo much better in every single way.

  • Haha I knew the saying, just didn't want to repeat it. And in my opinion I agree with you, TWAU looks good but it just isn't my cup of tea. I will however give it a shot in the future.

  • Such a weird thing that so many people are pitting TWAU against TWD as if the two are deadly rivals instead of games made by the exact same company, or as if one being great means the other must by necessity be a pale imitation.

  • Hows the Walking Dead stereotypical? Its a zombie game that is more than a shooter. Alsoone of the most emotionally engaging games ever. TWAU will not get anywhere near the awards.

  • They're completely the same in terms of gameplay BUT in terms of emotional impact, The Walking Dead reigns supreme.

  • Why compare them, Apart from the gameplay style there pretty different in terms of emotion, Walking dead is more survival while Wolf among us is more crime investigation (at there roots anyway;they both have twists to it)

  • Guys, wait until S2 of the walking dead is actually released and then compare, you can't compare a year old game to a game that has just come out, just sayin'.

  • Agreed, the game's success has really allowed telltale to bump up the quality of their games, especially if 400 days was any indication. It's not fair to compare them yet, but once the first episode of twd is out, we can really have a true debate about this.

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