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Clem Molested

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Do you think there is a possibility that Clem could run into some sick fucks and they will have their way with her? (or atleast try to). There was a scene in the comics...COMIC SPOILERS AHEAD...Where Carl was pushed onto the ground and these disturbed men came out of nowhere and started taking his pants off. Rick managed to save him though.

Do you think Clem will fall into a similar situation in this game at any point? The setting so far looks like it's in the woods or forest, which is a good location for some lonely guys to be hiding out.

  • I think that could be a realistic thing that telltale could put in there. Of course the point is to save Clem and get the attackers off her. Or it could introduce a new character. I think it's possible but probably won't happen, if it did it would be cool to try and get the attackers off of her and see how tough a nine year old can be.

  • I really hope not.

  • if ben was with her he would let that happen

  • I think The Last of Us did the molestation angle as tastefully and perfectly as it could have been done. If telltale does go this route, I would hope they stick to the more subtle approach, like TLoU.

  • I only think that the comics can even touch on such offensive topics such as this. I highly doubt it, but remember the TV show also has its limits. Intense blood and gore, with the implication of rape on female characters, yet still can't use the word "fuck" in a single episode.

    • I think that's a good point, I really wouldn't want to see or have Clem sexually attacked in any way but I think on the other hand it could be come a maybe jump scare possibly or a action scene where she's running in the forest and if she trips or fails to escape bad stuff happens. Sort of like beyond two souls just an idea.

  • I hope that TTG does not shy away from it. That's my point of playing a mature game as a child. If you were playing it as a adult protecting Clem then anything is up for grabs. Anything goes...

    Playing as a child I'm afraid TTG will shy away from situations because they are afraid to go there.

  • Eh. It's an option but there are more interesting things they can do with a young female protagonist than just drop her into the cliched rape/attempted rape scenario. I'd be more interested to see how she deals with people shrugging off her input or ignoring her completely because she's a child.

    • How could a group of adults even consider input from a child though.

      I kind of wish they made her character older at the beginning if they were going to go this route.

      • No, see, that's exactly the point. A group of adults probably wouldn't consider input from a child. That's why there's an interesting conflict. I'm imagining a scenario in which Clementine tries to persuade the group away from a morally questionable course of action only to be ignored. Then, she'll have to decide to either follow along with what the group wants or go against the authoritative powers in the group and do what she thinks is the right thing to do.

  • How about no? No, I do not want that. If insinuation even starts Its gonna start being traumatic for me. Also its kinda a cliche, we don't need it. I'm sure more shitty things will happen, but that? No, TellTale will just be doing it for the shock factor alone, and they aren't like that. At most we will see Clem get punched or hit by an evil adult, nothing more.

  • I don't mind the horrific aspect of it, I really don't. I expect Clem's experience in Season 2 to be quite traumatic in all kinds of way.

    I do mind how tired and predictable it would be, though.

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